Love Glove

silicone-sex-gloveHere’s an interesting idea for those of you who are inclined to use toys and sex equipment: a wolf teeth silicon love glove. I have seen this being advertised as a ‘female ejaculation glove’ because as you insert your fingers and poke her g-spot to make her squirt…the teeth on the glove rub and stimulate the rest of her bits so she cums easier.

It seems good in theory but full disclaimer: I have not used this. 😉  But it is made of silicone so it is easy to clean and doesn’t trap bacteria and other nasties in it  Additionally, the glove leaves the finger tips exposed so you can actually feel the g-spot or her clit without feeling like you are ‘having sex inside a raincoat.’

And most silicon sex toys sell in stores for $40-$100 and this glove is on sale here for a mere $5.62 — and that’s the main reason I am posting this. It looks like a high quality, bargain priced sex toy for making the gal(s) in your life squirt.

(It is $15.21 here and and here for $17.99 … and these are all internet/China-based selling points so I imagine it is at least $40 in any sex store.)

And if it doesn’t work well as a sex toy, at least you can comb your hair with it! ha ha, ok, I did read reviews of this product and I will sum them all up as, ‘this is a good quality, durable glove’ but nobody mentioned actually how good these are at causing female ejaculation.

And finally, my favorite description of what this glove can be used for: flirting.  Yes…I usually find flirting best when my fingers are inside of her.

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