She Wee


female-urinalHow can girls pee standing up?  With a product called the SheWee!  The she wee is great way for any woman to stand up and take control of her bladder (ha ha. )  Because sometimes it is just a lot easier to pee while standing up — or at least to be able to aim where you pee.

The she wee is essentially a shaped cup that fits over the vaginal lips and it opens into a tube where the pee comes out.  (This is not rocket science.)  The she wee allows girls to snugly place it over their bits and pee so she can pee into a toilet.

Now why would a girl want to pee standing up?  As a guy, I can answer that easily: convenience.  Say you go into afemale-standing-pee public washroom and the toilet is disgusting.  No problem. Piss on it without sitting on it!   After a club you are walking home and really need to pee.  Don’t drop your panties and crouch in a corner while the more sober guys reach for their smartphones. No, use the She Wee and put it up your skirt and then piss on the wall with the rest of the guys.   On a road trip and want to piss in a bottle? Now you can.

Of course, some girls are completely unfamiliar with where their pee hole is.   If only those girls had easy access to a vagina to inspect and find it! (They may have to wait till the owner of the vagina is willing to pee for her so she can watch — which is marginally more difficult.)  But if that is too hard for a girl to arrange, she can consult this handy image below:


The “Urethra” is the Pee hole!

If you want to buy one, you can order it from Amazon for $9.00 to $25.00 here.  (And that should save you the embarrassment of looking someone in the eye as you pay for a She Wee. )  Now you too can find out just how hard it is to avoid pissing on the seat! (Lift that seat!)

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