Squirting Stickers!

I found this and I had to share!!


It is squirting stickers!!! Yes, what better way to show support to the female ejaculator in your life than an “I love squirters” sticker. I imagine this is best for a car but would also pimp out any bicycle.

This is simply a must have item if you really love vajaculation aka shejaculation.¬† Though unless you are ridiculously ripped, I can’t imagine women approaching you saying, “I am a squirter” but still, it’s the thought that counts. And honestly, the more people that are thinking about female ejaculation, the better.


Though I have to wonder how many people will look at an “I love squirters” sticker and be completely mystified.

The squirting stickers are even on sale now for just $5.50 each  B-)


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