Austrian Kisses


Booze, check. Public, check. Deep kiss, check.


Booze, check. Public, check. Deep kiss, check. 

Austrian Kiss: a sloppy drunken public kiss/makeout. You’ve heard of Austrialian Kisses (same as a French Kiss, but down under), but what is an Austrian kiss? Well, apparently Austrians are well known for both excessive beer drinking and public displays of affection. In Austrian culture, public making out and groping is much more accepted than it is in North America…which isn’t saying much since Americans consider 15 years in prison for grinding sexually on a beach an appropriate punishment. Yeah, so Austria is even more accepting of natural sexual affection than that. But seeing a couple make out and grind somewhere in public in Austria is not at all uncommon and more importantly, it is not frowned upon there.
So what is an Austrian kiss? It is simply a drunken, passionate public kiss.  Austrian kisses are very common after 1 am in every bar, ever. Especially true in Kaktus Club, Vienna, Austria. Americans will know this as ‘public display of affection’ and I was once with a girl somewhere on the East Coast and she warned me that we might get a ticket for PDA and I was baffled till she explained it to me…then I was more baffled. Apparently, you can get fined for public kissing in the USA because…y’know, land of the free and all that good stuff.


Anyway, if you a term for public kissing and groping that doesn’t sound like a palmtop handheld computer from the 90s, and the people are obviously drunk…it’s an Austrian Kiss.

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