Bargain Collar, high quality.

slave-collarI saw this on sale and immediately recognized it as a screaming deal.  I have seen this exact collar on sale at high end BDSM stores (Northbound Leather in Toronto I think) for well over $200.  And here it is for $22-$25!!  Which rocks!

The collar is a stiff wire design made of rustproof stainless steel in a posture collar shape.  You may think that the wire bends but it really is not very flexible at all because it so thick. If you are looking for a good quality collar for your slave…you can’t go wrong with this one. It is heavy duty and I really like it a lot.  Nice sturdy tie points, you can tie off the sides easily, it is stainless so you can get it wet without worry (a big problem for leather collars).

This is the perfect way to say, ‘You’re mine.”

I want it.

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