Deep Throat

oral-sexDeep Throat is a practice that is usually performed by a male Dom, where he rams his cock in the sub’s mouth until it fills her throat – going deep into her throat.  So, deep throating is a form of oral sex where the penis enters the throat of the giver. It is a particularly challenging form of oral sex as the penis hits the back of the throat where it can trigger the gag reflex and cause the giver to vomit. If the performer of oral sex has enough control, the gag reflex can be suppressed and the result is large amount of extra saliva which adds lubrication and is generally a very good thing. Deep-throating is an intensely pleasurable form of oral sex as the entire penis is consumed and given stimulation along the entire length. It also has added benefits as some subs feel particularly submissive when they are forced to take a penis all the way down their throats and they also enjoy the thrill being so close to puking. Note: whenever the gag reflex is engaged, it causes involuntary contractions of the muscles of the vagina and anus. This is of particular interest to those Doms engaging in threesomes where the female sub may be forced to deep throat an gag while the other Dom feels the muscles clench and tighten in the anus or vagina for added sensation. Deep-throating may also be used to intentionally.

cause a sub to puke to further humiliate them. While deep throating is typically practiced by a male Dom, someunderboob female Dommes also enjoy wearing a strap-on and forcing their sub to deep throat too. While Dommes can’t enjoy the physical sensation, they do enjoy the emotional context of being in control of being “in control” and the submission the sub lovingly offers. Deep Throating is also essentially the same as Face Fucking or Throat Fucking, however, the latter two definitions also imply a more active ramming action being utilized by the Dom.

Deep Throat: the movie Linda Lovelace  Image is the most notable porn actress associated who starred in Gerard Damaino’s classic 1970’s porn movie, Deep Throat. The premise of the film is that the protagonist, Linda Lovelace, has become sexually frustrated and cannot seem to orgasm. When she seeks medical attention, the doctor informs her that the reason she is having difficulty is her clitoris is located at the back of her throat. The best remedy for this situation, as she demonstrates throughout the movie, is taking as many cocks deep down her throat as possible — which causes her to orgasm. This the first porn film to be widely viewed and gain popular attention in public mind. This attention lead to the informant in the Watergate Affair to be codenamed “Deep Throat.”


The Dom/me must take responsibility for his partner’s safety during the act of deep throating, especially if the partner is bound and immobilized. By being too rough and thrusting too vigorously, the neck of the sub can become strained. Also, rough thrusts can also cause some mild damage and swelling of the lips. As the penis is blocking the throat, the Dom must also take care to pull out far enough and often enough to allow the sub to breathe. Finally, as the sub can puke, care should be taken to ensure the sub does not choke on the vomit, if this should occur and there is also the risk of getting puke all over your surroundings (like your bed…which can be smelly and unpleasant if left unattended.) The sub may also become rather embarrassed if she does puke and this may lead to requiring the stopping of the scene to attend to the sub’s emotional state.


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