My Two True Loves

I was sent a link to this by my slave as she both new it would make me smile…and she also reminded me of some of the loving threesomes we have had together. ¬†Of course, she missed an important one and so I had to remind her of that one as well ūüėČ

My Two True Loves is a ‘comedy’ song from College Humor but it doesn’t seem like a joke to me. It makes me smile. ¬†I am by nature, Poly. I just don’t believe that I or any of my partners could be truly happy with just one lover to attempt to satisfy all our needs. ¬† I know lots of people think that polyamory ‘cannot’ work because some poly relationships fail…but show me a how monogamous relationships are guaranteed to work forever and I will consider your point. ¬† (I have had longer and more stable poly relationships than monogamous ones. ¬†Have you¬†tried both??)

Now a think I found slightly off putting was the comments on the video. One particularly dimwitted fellow compared those who support polyamory with those inclined to pedophilia. ¬†Another misguided individual linked poly to abusive BDSM relationships. ¬† Now, of course I have certain leanings towards things link BDSM but I don’t see them in any way related to polyamory. They are utterly different. It’s like me liking boardgames and yet also having an interest in sailing. Yes, I like both. But they are not linked.

The sad thing is, people think it’s fine to sleep with 40 people by the time you are 50 — so long as they are in serial monogamous relationships…but sleeping with 20 people in more stable poly relationships is definitely more frowned upon. ¬†It is sad, really. But fuck them. All I need is my two true loves!

Anyway, I love the poly math in this video! Enjoy.


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