Sex and the Law: Sex in Public

A couple grinding sexually on a beach face up to 15 years in jail. This is USA and not ISIS passing the sentence down.  This week (May 4, 2015), Jose Caballero, 40 and Elissa Alvarez, 20 were convicted of lewd sexual behavior on a beach in Florida.   The sentence could be up to 15 years in jail.  Seriously. 15 YEARS. For something utterly natural, normal and basically victimless.

The reason for the harsh sentence was mainly that a 3 year old may have seen them.  And I am certain that the same 3 year old didn’t understand anything and has already forgotten the incident entirely. If you saw someone having sex when you were 3, would you remember?  Even if they were super hot? You might argue that, what if the child was underage but old enough to understand what was happening? Well, then they already understand what was happening so who cares.

Worse, nobody could actually claim to have seen genitals or penetration that day on Bradenton Beach and the couple claims they were just grinding and making out.

The whole thing is utterly stupid and yet terrifying.  We still view sex as a fundamentally evil act here in North America.  Sex is not viewed as natural and normal. It is viewed as a great way to send people to jail and — in this case — put them both on the national sex offender list for LIFE. So again, simulating sex (grinding) with no nudity can fuck you for life.

This was completely consensual sex.  Sure, Jose had been convicted once before of some completely unrelated crime but the fact is, he did not harm anyone. And seriously, if you had a hot 20-year old in a bikini on a beach…would you not want to fuck her too?  I not only don’t blame him for this crime…I don’t even see what the crime is.  If I was on the beach, I would probably be thinking, “Lucky guy”…but how wrong I would have been! Up to 15 years in jail and a lifetime as a sex offender??? Fuck me.  He’s the least lucky guy on the planet.

I want to stress that this is in America and not Iran or Saudi Arabia. America, land of the free. Well, free unless you have sex on a beach. Then your ass is locked up for 15 years. He could be 65 when he is let out.  *shakes head*

This is a shame on America shows how utterly screwed up their ‘justice system’ is.  Give them a fine and say, “Please, get a room.”   Having to go to court and have a judge say that too you would be just as effective at discouraging this behavior.

3 thoughts on “Sex and the Law: Sex in Public

  1. I like your blog, but on this story, you're way off. They weren't "grinding" on each other, they were having sex, in the middle of the day, with a lot of people (including kids) around.

    She will not get 15 years and the only reason he will, is because he was released from jail on a felony drug charge, when he committed this felony.

    If you want to engage in sexual activity, in the middle of the day, on a public beach, with people around, then you take the consequences. It really doesn't matter if the 3-year old knew what was happening, it is that they chose to do what they did, with a minor present. That's why they have to register as sex offenders.

  2. The couples' defense lawyer, Ronald Kurpiers maintains that even though the incident was caught on video, there was no evidence of explicit sexual activity and not a single witness saw exposed genitals nevermind actual intercourse. He states that them having sex is purely speculation and yet they were found guilty…so we know 100% that they were at least grinding and they were convicted of that. They MAY have had sex but they were convicted of grinding aka 'lewd and lascivious behavior".

    As far as taking the consequences goes: that's my point! 15 years (however justified) or even a year in jail is massively out of proportion to any form of 'harm' they inflicted and as such, in my opinion, the punishment is draconian and does not fit the crime.

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