Slave Leia for Star Wars Day

sexy-leia-paintingYes, May the 4th is upon us once again: Star Wars Day! May the fourth be with you! And for all you geeks to geek out, what is better for a blog on BDSM run by a geek than to spread the love with everyone’s favorite geek slave: Slave girl Leia.

Of course, if you have not seen or even heard of the sci-fi masterpiece Star Wars, then I am obligated to tell you to go watch it immediately — to which you will say, ‘Nah’ and then I tell you to go fuck yourself.   Please do. You can even use these handy images of slave girl Leia.

But yes, this is a wonderful outfit the was worn by a captured Princess Leia as she was bound and chained and kept as a humiliated pet in front of Jabba the Hutt so all could see his prize.  And Leia gets off on humiliation play.

The slave Leia outfit was originally worn by Carrie Fisher (aka. Princess Leia) in the classic 1983 Return of the Jedi. But dear god, I hope you already knew that.  Since then, the costume has been seen all over the place from Family Guy (He’s too sexy for his fat),  Friends (The One with the Princess Leia Fantasy), Robot Chicken (practically all of them) and of course, every Comic Con (aka Comicon) and Sci-Fi Con ever.

And Slave Leia is massively popular amongst cosplayers. I challenge you to go to any Stars Wars event and find only one Slave Leia. There are so many they can be gathered in groups surrounded by hundreds of guys who have absolutely no idea how to please

Leia’s gold metal bikini is literally everywhere.

And feminists hate this iconic outfit because it has clear connotations of female servitude by the
misogynist patriarchy.  Clearly, Princess Leia is being treated as a sex object. Ever notice that the only people to leia-and-jabbacall sexy women ‘sex objects’ are feminists? I think they are clearly the ones responsible for objectifying women. But it was not the sexist pigs who wanted Leia to wear this outfit…it was the actress Carrie Fisher who requested it because she wanted something to show off her feminine figure because the guys kept putting her in baggy robes.

It is also worth pointing out that this bound sex object used her chain to kill her master, Jabba the Hut because maybe, just maybe, she wasn’t so unempowered after all.

Of course, if you can’t get enough of slave Leia in the Star W
ars universe, please feel free to visit and fap to this piece of Slave Leia Fan Fiction.

God I love May 4th!



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