Spiders Give Oral Sex to Demanding Females


Domme-spiders demand oral sex first. For male spiders, being good at oral sex is a lifesaver.  Having sex is a dangerous thing for male spiders as the larger females have a habit of eating them. So sex if often the last thing a male spider does.

At least in 76% of the time, male Darwin bark spiders are eaten. Which means you have a 1 in 4 chance of surviving sex. Not surprisingly, with those odds, male bark spiders never use condoms as STIs are the least of their concern.

A team lead by Simona Kralj-Fisher from the Slovenian Academy of Sciences studied the spiders (Caerostris darwini)  in Madagascar, They found that some of the better spider lovers were performing oral sex on the females before penetration. The team thought that the males spiders were lubricating the female genitalia which noticeably relaxed the female spiders before sex.

The aggressive female spiders were far less likely to eat a male spider after sex if he performed good oral on herspider-giving-sex before the act. In just 36% of the cases (1 in 3 saw cannibalism) did the female domme spider eat the male spider after sex. I can only assume that 1/3 of male spiders couldn’t find the clitoris and are generally bad at oral sex.

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