Vajaculation: Female Ejaculate deserves its own Word

shejaculationThis word is so sweet and perfect. What is vajaculation?  Vajaculation is the female equivillent of male ejaculation and it squirts out of her vagina…hence: vajaculation.  I have also called it shejaculation…which is another word for it which I also like. But which do you like better?

Vajaculation is female ejaculation or squirting and it is definitely a real thing.   There have been articles lately on the web stating that female ejaculation has been disproved and that it is only pee but they I did a post already on the study this is based on… and it clearly shows that female ejaculate contains stuff not found in pee and that the source of most of the fluid, the bladder, fills up way way to fast for it to be regular pee (and the concentrations of urine are way under what is typically found in pee…and in different proportions.)

But back to the word vajaculation…it is the perfect marriage of vagina and ejaculation. As soon as you hear the word shejaculationvajaculation it immediately conjures up the image of a squirting pussy spraying her love juices everywhere and soaking the sheets.  So I really like this word and I believe it should be a thing much more than female ejaculation (which is way too long and sort of implies that males have the ‘normal ejaculation’ and females need to have their gender specified).  Squirting is the other option but considering that squirting also applies to squirt guns, insects and popped zits…it is hardly specific enough.

shejaculationAlso,  the word to identify the substance that is squirted out is vajaculate (as opposed to female ejaculate…which seems like a misnomer because the ejaculate is not female but genderless and we don’t call semen ‘male ejaculate’ but we have a word for it…and damn it, vajaculate deserves its own word already!!

For me, it is a close race between shejaculation and vajaculation but there are no other contenders at the moment. Or is there? Am I missing any?

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