A little day


Here is a plan I had for a day with a little (doing ageplay)  that didn’t go off as planned…but it’s a solid plan regardless.

1) The little girl arrives, but she is still wearing her big girl mindset and has the worries of a much older girl in her mind and so I order her to lay down on the couch and close her eyes.

2) I speak to her gently, asking her to relax, to breathe, and to follow my voice and instructions. As she breathes, she visibly starts to relax and then, over the next 5 minutes,  I ask her to go back, back into her little girl self, to fully embody a little girl and give up all worries and all self-consciousness…as my intention is to have her ‘wake up and open her eyes completely transformed into a little version of herself.  She opens her eyes and there’s a light in them now that wasn’t there when she arrived…she’s a little now!

3) Now this is the first time I have been with this little so it’s only proper to take control as her Daddy, and I get her to sit on my lap and I cuddle her. I tell her how happy I am to be with her and squeeze her tight, letting her know she’s safe in my arms. She’s my little girl and as her Daddy, it’s my job to love her with all my heart…and she is free to love me as only a little girl can love her Daddy.

4) I have some Fimo clay out on the table so I ask her if she wants to make some fun jewelry.  I have a bunch of different colors of clay and I show her how to roll the clay together to make neat shapes and then we put a metal loop into her art and then cook in the oven until it goes hard! She’s never seen something like this and now she’s going to have a sweet little necklace that she made herself.

5) Next, it is time to watch a movie.  I put on “The Swan Princess: a Royal Family Tale” on the
projector and we sit on the big wrap around couch together and watch the film as we cuddle. I picked the film because I want her to be a princess.  And I also give her my duck-billed-platypus stuffed animal to cuddle because if you’re going to cuddle a stuffie, you should cuddle an awesome one.

6) But I’m a naughty Daddy and I really like my little in my arms, so young, pretty and perfect. Daddy has been lonely since mommy went away and my little girl reminds me of her so much except she is so much more pure and innocent. I smell her hair and slowly let my hands roam her little body, she doesn’t quite know what I am doing but she trusts her Daddy and seems totally fine with it. When she laughs at a seen, I feel her body jiggle up against my chest and laugh too as lean over and kiss her adorable, smooth little neck.  It is so wonderful to have my little girl in my arms! And her giggles make life worth living. She excitedly points at a turtle that just said something hilarious, “Look at the funny turtle, Daddy!” she exclaims.

7) After the movie, I kiss her neck a few more times, just slowly taking my time with my lovely little girl.  I ask her if she want to color and she look doubtful. “What’s wrong honey?” I ask. “Daddy, I forgot to bring the markers!”

“That’s ok, Sweetie, I found them afterall!” I say and pull out my Staedtler marker set for her to color with.

Then I get out my favorite coloring book: It’s all semi-transparent paper with lines on it so all the drawings become fantastic window hangings that look like stained glass. I know she will love this and practically jumps in my arm and say, ‘wow Daddy! I love you!”
It’s so good to have eager little girl around.
I make her some Kraft dinner as she colors and it to her with a big glass of apple juice in a pink sippy

cup. She is sitting with her platypus happily coloring away…and yet…

Her skin is so smooth and toned…
She’s leaning over and I notice the small of her back…she’s too young to appreciate what that beautifully exposed flesh can do to a Daddy…
I shake my head…trying to get the deviant thoughts out of my mind.  She’s my daughter and I should love her unconditionally as that…not be thinking of her in such ways. And yet, she’s so young, small and perfect. Innocent and pure.
And she loves me too.
No, I can’t think like this” I declare to myself. And I sit near her…watching her breathe, coloring sopaddle-saying-princess

intently…her firm young body so divine — she probably will be self-conscious of her perfect little body in a few years. It’s weird, young girls are the most shy when their bodies are perfection itself and yet older women gain the confidence as they age yet their skin is a dim candle to the sun that is youth.

I have couple more surprises planned for her today.
I lead her downstairs and she’s a little nervous. “Daddy, what if there’s monsters in the basement?”
I laugh, “You Daddy is not afraid of any monster! I will always protect you, my little princess” I say and I squeeze her cute little hand as I give her a knowing wink.  On the stairs, I can’t help but notice her tight little ass, so firm and…edible. Goddamn this girl has a fine ass. I feel so blessed just to have a sight of it in front of me.
I think she’s a little nervous still, going into the basement of a strange home…but I have “Mango goes really well with banana”, I say and her smell the banana too.   wondrous thing in my basement for little girls. We round the corner and her eyes go wide but she doesn’t know what it is.  There before her is a glowing blue and and red lip balm stand. The clear plexiglass in the front has the pattern lit up by the lights below — the whole stand is about 4 and a half feet tall and 2 feet wide….but the best is what it contains. As she approaches she sees more glowing lights of the melted lip balms in every flavour. I explain to her that she can make any flavor of lip balm she wants and combine them any way she desires. I let her smell the mango and her eyes go wide…as the mango smells amazing. 😉
“There’s strawberry, cherry, blueberry and lime…so you can make any mix of lipbalm you desire, my little Princess!”
She decides on a strawberry-banana lip balm and I show her how to pour half strawberry and half banana until the tube is full.  I put a cap on it and say, “Now you can watch it hard!”
And my little princess is just looking at it with awe…hardly believing her eyes.  “Can I make another?” she asks excitedly.
“Of course my Princess! And it’s really good for your lips too! It’s got shea butter and cocoa butter, coconut oil and beeswax to keep your young little lips smooth and soft!”
She puts the lip balm on and says, ‘MMMmmmm Daddy! It tastes so good! You should try it”ball-gagged-schoolgirl-anal
“Of course, Princess” i say and I lean in without thinking and kiss her right on the lips to get the lip balm onto my lips…and immediately I am consumed…her youthful lips are indeed soft. I pull her close into me…thinking the most inappropriate thoughts but I can’t help myself…I kiss her hard and feel her warm young body next to mind. I am way older than her — she can’t even understand what it is I want from her…so I have to be gentle and explain it to her in a way that makes sense.
And that’s when I taught her a big girl game called, “The princess gets tied up and spanked”  for the first time.

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