Birthday Presents


My sexkitten today suggested a couple birthday presents for me and I am torn. Her suggestions included something I mentioned a while ago (more than a year??) and she’s makes my heart sing because…she remembered!  It’s an experience gift…of going to one of those giant fan freefall simulators where you fly around a room practicing for skydiving…which sounds full-on awesome to me. Who wouldn’t really like that idea of indoor skydiving? (A lame-ass, that’s who.)  Not that I am scared to go skydiving for real but this way I can practice doing whatever I want and flying around without…y’know, the risk of spiraling of out of control to my death.  It will make doing actual freefall much safer because I have practice.

Her 2nd suggestion was getting a tattoo that I choose for her…and seeing her squirm and cry as she gets a tattoo which leaves my permanent mark on her…yeah, that’s also pretty fucking hot.  I would imagine that I would have her wear a buttplug and with a quiet vibe in her pussy during the entire tattoo process as that would please me more.
I am having difficulty deciding.  Hmmm.   So I sent her off to insert the new red butt plug into her tight little ass andpainful-tattoo cum repeatedly for me until she has a squirting orgasm: cumming and shejaculating into a glass for me. Her female ejaculation tastes great and I think it would be a wonderful treat to drink it as I vibe her pussy with the magic wand.  Yeah, so I have her off masturbating like a nun on vacation as I ponder my birthday options. That does not make me want to make up my mind any faster 😉
And the sexkitten is lucky I am not taking out my frustration at another little little who has succeeded in annoying me because she’s too scared to experience exactly what she craves most. (Why do I bother with noobs at all who don’t appreciate anything?? The more experienced girls are always much more eager and respectful.)   So I sent my sexkitten off to masturbate instead of doing cruel things to her.   I like for my cruelty to be inspired BDSM and as I ponder things…I wonder…where can I get some stinging nettles? I should really plant some of those in my backyard *evil grin*
The one thing that bothers me about both these options is…there is no sex involved…and I don’t want to be setting any precedents. Not like there is a possibility of having a birthday without birthday sex…but still B-)

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