Claiming of Sleeping Beauty

princess-slaveThe Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is a fantastic BDSM fairy tale and the best one of it’s kind that I am aware of.  It was written be A. N. Roquelaure — which is Anne Rice’s pen name when she writes erotica.   The fairy tale consists of 3 books in a trilogy: The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty, Beauty’s Punishment, and Beauty’s Release.

The book was introduced to me by a slave of mine who loved it. And I have used it since to help girls get into the proper mindset of a slave. It is definitely the best BDSM novel I have ever read.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty is a story about the Beauty, the princess that at the cursed apple and slept for 100 years until a Prince climbed into the tower where she slept and awakened her with the kiss of true love.  From there, the fairy tale does the old, ‘they lived happily ever after’ but Anne Rice spells out exactly what happens in a story that makes 50 Shades of Grey look like the pale, limp-vanilla-softcore-Twilight-fan-fiction that it is.

Beauty is captured by her love, the Prince and he takes her to a kingdom that is populated by the erotic sex slaves that are sent to them as tribute from the kingdoms they conquer.  Beauty is stripped naked, collared and forced to fuck frequently and gets beaten often along with all the other sex slaves.

Basically, if you are wanting to explore some BDSM novels, skip 50 Shades and jump right into The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty. Then the next two in the trilogy are Beauty’s Punishment and Beauty’s Release.   And for added awesome, it’s a trilogy just got a new book added to it,  Beauty’s Kingdom.

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