Bikini that Shows your Nipples!

topless-bikiniWhy can’t girls go topless on the beach? It’s ridiculous and offensive.   I know my male nipples are pretty amazing and glorious…yet I feel like girls nipples are even better (personal bias) and women should be free to bare them if it pleases them. Especially at the beach — because as far as I am concerned, people are able to swim naked with no difficulties whatsoever.

However, the ‘man’ is still violently opposed to a world

where women are sexually free and empowered.  And as pointed out so effectively by the “Free the Nipple” folks…even though it is legal to go topless in New York City, the police will still arrest you.   Which is identical to a guy being arrested for walking around with no shirt on a hot summer day: they should punish the police for false arrest.

Anyway, if you feel like helping to warm society up to the blatantly obvious fact that women have nipples — without topless-bikiniexposing your own — here’s the perfect thing: the Tata Top. It’s a flesh-colored bikini with nipples printed on them so it looks like you are topless.  I can’t guarantee you won’t be arrested for wearing this either as police are renowned for being mindbogglingly stupid. (Note: I am not being ‘anti-police’ here…I can justify this statement with the fact that Toronto police have to take an IQ test and if they score too high, they fail the admission and cannot become a police officer.)   That Tata Bikini Top costs $28 and supports the campaign to free the nipple!  Be part of the 2nd Sexual Revolution!
Note: The is no “couchie bottom” to make this a complete set.

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