Canada Day Sex Position

candian-bikiniHappy Canada Day! It’s July 1st so it’s the perfect day to do it with the most patriotic Canadian sex position there is: The Poutine.

Now for American’s out there that don’t know what poutine is (note: poutine is not coming up on spell check here!)  poutine is a French Canadian dish where french fries are covered in gravy and then melted cheese curds are melted into it.  The Brits may know this as chips and gravy with cheese…but poutine says it all.

So wtf does this have to do with The Poutine Sex position?  Well,delicious-poutine the most Canadian sex position is the poutine — it’s called that because you stick you ‘fry’ into the gravy and then garnish with white cheese curds.


I would say this is an accurate depiction:


See, you have to dip your fry down into the gravy to get it right. 🙂

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