Free the Nipple


I just watched Lina Esco’s film Free the Nipple on Netflix and I was impressed at her activism and for the way she and her crew clearly articulates that the something as natural as the human body is criminalized while gore and violence is celebrated in our culture.  I have been blogging about it being time for a 2nd Sexual Revolution…and this fits perfectly with that.

I first covered Free the Nipple in 2013 here but I am super stoked that it has gotten accepted on Netflix!  The main thrust of the film is: What is more obscene?  Violence or a nipple?

The movie is essentially discussing this as an equality issue — as men are free to bare their nipples have figured this out want breast milk 7-12 times a day!!)Everyday the media plays images glorifying violence and discouraging nudity and any form of sexuality. The main meme represented by all the heroes of our films solve every problem with violence. To paraphrase the Dalai Lama, can’t movie writers figure out another way to solve a conflict without violence? Violence may ‘solve’ one problem but it sows the seeds of another.

without consequence and yet women are frequently arrested for the exact same behavior.   Breastfeeding so somehow super-taboo because… I think it is a secret that all mammals nurse their young with milk from breasts and if this secret got out there, omg, babies might want to eat for free all the time (indeed, the ones who

Anyway,  I will do more posts on this important issue — but the film itself was well made and inspiring.  The activists’ rock — and they rock hard.  The ideology behind them is solid, this issue needs attention and my favorite is: they are successful in getting the word out there by being innovative and creative.

I really enjoyed the film and encourage you to watch it.


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