Frosty Figurines: Giving Action to Action Figures

ejaculating-on-statuesAction figures need love too.  So give them the action they crave.

Here’s a porn genre I stumbled upon that I think is noteworthy just because I have not thought of it nor seen it before: cumming on figurines. That’s right, you see a little plastic girl and she’s like, hot, right? So what do you want to do? Cum on her.  Does it matter that she’s 5 inches tall and made of plastic? Not at all.

I will say, the girls are definitely hotter than those plastic blow-up dolls that always look so surprised.  But then I thought about it some more…the girl figurines are actually superheroes and anime characters that guys may have a connection with…and since it’s impossible to fuck a 2D cartoon, this is the next best thing.  And honestly, I would rather cum on a hot figurine than a girl’s feet — did I just say that??  I never really liked feet — but at least it’s part of a real girl.   I wonder if cumming on something physical is better that a kleenex?

I also this greatly increases your cumshot aiming.  Trying to hit tiny little boobs will make you a cum sniper that can hit the tip of the nipple every time!

The main issue I have is…imagining fucking a girl who is 4 inches tall.  I think it would actually look something like this:


She’s such a cumslut

But girls are also into this genre as apparently, being shrunk down and then drenched in buckets of

cum is just what the doctor ordered.   Although I imagine that some of the lamer girls out there who don’t like cum that much…this is their ultimate nightmare.  And they should be shrunk down to face their fears 😉

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