Sex Improves Your Paycheck

couple-smoking-after-sexWant to make more money? Have more sex. Yes, you read that right.  According to Cambridge business school lecturer Nick Drydakis, having sex more than 3 times a week results in a statistically significant rise in your paycheque.  Specifically, you earn on average 4.5% more (so if you earn $80k a year, your more laid colleague earns $83 600. )

Now, before you start trying to fuck your way to success, keep in mind that these figures are simply correlated and this is not a causal relationship.   Other studies have related high frequency of sex to:

  • better skin (and less zits)
  • lower weight
  • longer life
  • lower stress levels
  • higher confidence levels

And all of those things combined could definitely correspond to more promotions and higher buttplug-in-naked-slave
compensation at work.  Lower stress levels by itself is directly related to making better decisions so the likelihood of these factors all working together to improve your performance at work is certainly plausible.

Another way of looking at it is: sexual activity is a consequence of good health and so it could be that people that are healthier earn more AND happen to have more sex.  Either way, sign me up.

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