Squirting: Is it real?

squirting-on-her-backThere has been much discussion about the existence of female ejaculation for some years now. 10 Years ago it was actually in doubt. And this makes me think back to earlier days where the existence of the female orgasm was actually being debated in the medical community. The whole idea of ‘is it real’ and whether porn makers actually invented the entire genre is completely offensive because of this prime fact that is constantly being ignored: Women tell us it exists.  Back in the day, it wasn’t considered good enough for a woman to say, ‘yes, I had an orgasm’ and this sexist attitude continues to this day.

Since the scientific study using ultrasound fond that the fluid originates in the bladder I have read all sorts of comments of delightsquirting-girl-spraying that women have ‘mistaken’ an orgasm with pissing themselves.  Of course, the ‘rarer’ form of ejaculate was found to mirror the male stuff…but this is a much thicker, milker substance that I have only seen one girl produce (in real life that is. Note: It was not nearly as drinkable. )

My point is, why can’t we trust what women tell us about what is happening in their bodies during sex?  It has been perfectly clear and apparent to me that when a girl squirts she is having an orgasm and she confirms that is what happens…so case closed, right? Not at all.   How about hundreds of women confirming that this happens? Not enough. Thousands? Tens of thousands? WTF is wrong with scientists that they continue to ignore the evidence that is plainly in front of their faces?  Sure, it is anecdotal evidence but if thousands of women confirm that they emit a clear fluid during orgasm and everybody says it looks, smells and feels different from urine…and even thatfoot-fetish-lesbians aforementioned study found it contains different chemicals and totally different concentrations from regular pee (and the fluid appeared much faster than is normal and its appearance coincided with sexual stimulation which preceded orgasm). Women tell us that this shejaculation flows from them at the very height of arousal…then it seems like something totally different to me.  I have lots of experience with sexually arousing girls when they really need to pee — and then torturing them with continued stimulation which prevents them from peeing. That’s right, girls can’t pee while being stimulated (without practice at least. Control over these muscles can be learned…but guys also have this difficulty so I am assuming that male scientists will take their experience as fact and not require further study.)

The continued insistence that female ejaculation (aka vajaculation) is really just confused urination is offensivesquirting-lesbians because it completely disregards women’s ability to understand their own body.  Besides, the academic discourse on it’s realness has little effect on girls having to put towels on the bed to soak up their delicious cum…or their lovers eagerly drinking the squirting orgasms spraying out of their pussy.   Of course, the UK ban on showing squirting orgasms in porn adds to the confusion because it is actively trying to suppress the very existence of female ejaculation.

This too is part of the much needed 2nd sexual revolution: the slut revolution.  We need to accept women’s sexuality and embrace it, celebrate it and having fucking parades for it! It is time to unshackle your inner slut and have her squirt all over the patriarchy in orgasmic defiance.  And all humans will reap the rewards as a new age of sexual freedom and liberation transforms society: We need honesty, sexual freedom and orgasms for all.


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