Alien Egg Tentacle Sex Toy: Ovipositor

Sexy, right!?!

This sex toy is a must have those that get off on science fiction: the ovipositor finally allows you to fulfill your fantasy of being impregnated with alien eggs. That’s right, it’s the perfect marriage of dildo and alien-tentacle-egg-depositor. Primal Hardwere has created a big alien dick which will lay gelatinous eggs into any body cavity you can fit it in.

Of course, if your fantasy involves giant insects laying eggs inside of you, the ovipositor is also a perfect match. Of course, having an alien penetrate you with a tentacle and lay eggs has got to be the most common fetish ever…  I think of how hot Sigourney Weaver was in Aliens and this product captures just how arousing that movie was (in an alien dildo sort of way).   And just for the record, ovipositor is the actual scientific name for an egg depositing organ frequently used by insects. In many parasitic species, it’s used to pierce and directly place the egg into exactly the right place in the host’s body. Of course, in some species, the ovipositor is also an extension of the genitals — which I assume for this sex toy as well.

I recommend J-lube for this toy…to get that authentic, sticky alien ooze look.  This perfect for any girl with an impregnation (aka breeder) fetish.


insect-alien-egg-depositing-sex-toyThere are 2 models: Splorch and Kubera.  They are made of high quality silicone (what I recommend for all sex toys) and they cost between $109 and $119.  Splorch has a  9.5″ tall shaft and 2″ in diameter (without eggs inside it).   Kubera is larger, being 11″ long and coming in ‘natural Kubera’ colour, which apparently is greyish-purple. But a wide variety of colors are available including “supernatural neon green”, “chaffed anus” and “tentacle monster”.

If you are having a hard time deciding if this is the right alien-tentacle-egg-depositor-sex-toy for you, this video of it in action should help you decide:

If you order Splorch now, they will throw in 6 eggs for free.  But any hardcore egg impregnation gal is gonna need way more eggs than that, so here’s a video on how to make your own eggs:

You’re welcome!


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