Caning Guide

caned-assCanes are weapons of shear terror.  They are a BDSM symbol of severe punishment and can inflict some of the nicest marks shockingly quickly. Yet canes are extremely easy to use accurately compared with whips and may be used seductively with very little power.  In fact, a can at low power may be perfectly aimed where a whip or flogger just flops around. And the light strokes are more important than the heavy ones. Why? Because canes can do so much damage that you can destroy someone’s ass in 30 seconds and a proper hedonist wants to spread that joy out over an hour or two.

Caning can be a very very intense experience. It can hurt so much that your slave squirms and writhes about initially and later, she can totally lose herself in subspace and lose sense of balance. For this reason, the sub should be bound in such a way where she cannot move freely and if she goes completely limp, her weight will be supported.  For this reason, bound with her torso flat on something like a padded bench is best.  Next best is the laying down ground itself — as she can’t fall far.  Be nice and give her some soft padding or, there is this thing called a ‘bed’ which some real perverts have which may also do nicely if you are lucky enough to have one handy.  Laying or resting her weight on a bench is best so you have easy access to her lower ass, which is a nice juicy, fleshy target. Try to avoid the ‘bent over’ is position as being in an “L” exposes the tail bone (see the safety section.)

Caning is definitely one of the harshest BDSM tortures that you can inflict with percussion and so it is definitely recommended to have a clear, frank talk with your sub to make sure she knows exactly what she is getting into, clearly gives her consent (written or even video taped is best to cover your ass), as well as the establishment of exactly what you will do and safewords.

Canes can create a variety of sensations from a stinging near the surface to a deep thuddy blow. The
most intense power comes from the last 1/3 of the cane (the part farthest from you).   To make stinging blows, pull back quickly in a snappy motion just before impact.  To make a thuddy blow, follow through as if you were hitting something a 20 cm on the other side of her ass.

Canes can easily inflict marks and physical damage so make sure to alternate sides to keep you work symmetrical.  The sting of a cane can take many seconds to fully register as the sensation takes on different levels of ‘ouch’ from the initial hit to the radiating pain which can last up to 30 seconds. So don’t rush through the hits but draw them out so she appreciates the full sensation of every stroke.  While you wait between each stroke, caressing her ass or the mark you just made is sensual and fun. My hands also tend to ‘test the waters’ to see how wet she is. 😉

Canes can hurt like a motherfucker so if you want to ease up a bit on her, use the part of the cane closest to your hand because that part is way slower and won’t hurt as much. Blows from the inner part of the cane tend to be more thuddy and definitely less powerful.  I use these types of stokes to keep up the ‘feeling’ and rhythm of my strokes without totally backing off.

You can also press the cane up against her skin and rub it along her — to threaten her while massaging her and most importantly, let her know you are still there with her as you give her a bit of a breather.

The tip of the cane is most useful for are areas where a full stroke of the can will pass over bony areas so you just use the tip instead  It is also useful for the soles of her feel or for shoulder blades. Be most careful with the tip of the cane as it travels the fastest and can do the most damage.  Never use a full stroke with the tip as these areas tend to be more sensitive, the tip is hardest to aim, and a full stroke with the tip can break the skin.

Canes work best on the soft fleshy skin of her lower ass.  Have her bent over and hit there in the meatiest portion.  If you are hitting the upper ass, take careful aim and slow down as the cane can strike high and hit the pelvic bones above the ass.

Going to hard or fast is not required with caning. Caning works, in my humble opinion, because the sting of the blow lasts for so long.  So slow and dominatrix-caningsteady is best. Begin with warming her up slowly and lightly, very gradually working her into a submissive space. With caning, it is easy to push her too fast and get a ”red” call as you transition from good pain to bad, overload pain as she freaks out thinking she is taking too much damage.

Think of it like, not making any stroke more than about 25% harder than the one before it — and gradually work your way up to the hardest strokes while remembering that this is not a race. Just gradually ramp it up as this will help keep her in the right mindset.  If a girl has never been caned before, I definitely would start with something less and work my way up to it. A spanking, then flogging and finally some caning is my usual order.  But I might add a massage and some percussion strokes for a total noob.

When starting with the can, begin with some light percussive tapping on the areas you plan on destroying, er, hitting. Avoid any bones and use the tip feel out and hit areas between bones. The cane blows should be light. Remember, it is very hard and stingy and a little bit goes a long way. Use a mix a light taps and barely hitting a all to create a sensation of feathers fluttering on her ass.

Now introduce a single tap in-between the flutters. The taps are partly to show you are still there and engaged with her as the pain of the tap spreads out and subsides.  As the pain recedes, tap again to keep her in pain while the fluttering strokes keep her distracted.  Keep doing this, mixing many very light fluttering strokes with a stinging tap.  The sub should never know when the next stinging blow will come and it should take her by surprise.

Now gradually increase the intensity of the harder taps, slowly but smoothly getting harder.  Also, now is a good time to introduce the double-tap which is 2 tap strokes back to back to keep you punishment unpredictable.

As you hit harder and harder as your strokes get more intense, pay close attention to:

  1. the sub’s breathing and if need be remind her to take deep, relaxing breaths (short, shallow, rapid breaths indicate panic and this is not the state you want her in.)
  2. place your hand on other parts of her — this can be comforting and reassuring– and it also lets you feel the amount of tension she has in her body.  The ideal is for her to slip deeper into a relaxed, accepting subspace.
  3. the marks that you are leaving as you hit harder — it takes awhile for the marks to come fully to the surface but you can inflict some heavy damage with canes from deep welts, broken skin, and bruises so keep a close eye on this and don’t do too much damage
  4. Ask for feedback and stay attentive to her — caning really really hurts and silence may indicate massive overload and not enjoyment
You can also do a hard tap and follow up with many fluttering strokes on the exact same area to confuse her senses and avoid her from being overwhelmed with the sensation of the blow. Remember, the point of this is to get her relaxed and releasing endorphins from the pain so only increase the pain gradually.
From here, if your sub or yourself is inexperienced with canes, it’s a good place to back off and end the caning portion of the scene.
If your sub and your are ready for more, you can do more powerful strokes but these take more care. You want to avoid striking too far off of her body so that the can ‘wraps-around’ as this is dangerous and tend to hit and hurt things you have no intention of hurting.   Careful: more powerful strokes can hit 10-20cm further out than lighter blows. So watch your aim carefully and assume you will it further out with a hard stroke and adjust for it.
Actually, fuck it. Practice on a cushion (ideally a velvet one that clearly shows where you last hit) until you have a clue of how to adjust your hard blows. But know that I think of my light taps as ‘ranging blows’ and assume the hard blow will extend another 10-15cm further out from the ranging blow.  Specifically, I line up the ranging blow so the tip hits the middle of her far ass cheek so that the full blow will be across her entire ass without wrapping around. But this takes practice so don’t try this without practicing on a pillow.
When you are ready to do hard blows with a partner, place padding on the far side of her to protect her from wrap around.  Additionally, only use cane-welts-severe-asshard blows on the fleshy part of her ass and upper thighs and nowhere else. And be warned: hard blows do damage and 30 hard blows is a fuck ton of them. Hell, 1 or 2 hard blows massive and sensory overload for many subs.  If this is her first time, assume that the pain from the hard blow will be intense for at least 1 minute and use that time to gauge her response and proceed cautiously.  Remember, many people choose not to use full power strokes at all and lighter strokes are still vicious so don’t let some bullshit ‘ego’ thing about being ‘hardcore’ cloud your judgement as you can inflict serious pain without ‘full power’ strokes which can (will) result in real, visible damage.
The shockwaves of a cane travel through the body and vibrate it. For this reason, focus on the lower ‘sweet spot’ of the ass sends those waves right to her pussy and vibrates it.  Here, steady light and medium blows can result in her cumming. Watch for her hips rising and falling if she starts to enjoy these cane vibrations.
Also, the endorphins released by caning can definitely result in sending your sub to the la-la land of subspace.
CANES – Tools of the Trade
I recently did a post on canes being sold at my local dollar store for a buck.  But here’s a brief ‘what you need to know about canes’.
Canes are straight sticks about 8mm in diameter and about 50-80 cm long (30 inches). Natural canes can be rattan (best), forsythia (next best), and  bamboo (safe only for light and medium caning– see the safety section).   For the rattan, forsythia and bamboo sticks, lots of knots is best.  Canes can be sanded down so there are no rough edges anywhere.  Ideally, cut your cane about 1 cm past a not at each end as there should be a knot that each end to help resist cracking. The tipselection-of-canes end definitely needs a knot that is carefully sanded smooth so there is no edges at all to break the skin.    Cracked and split canes shouldn’t be used.  These natural materials can be varnished with lacquer (3 coats, sanding in between coats). Also, a wrapped handle can be added for better grip.
(Note: some of these natural sticks you may get are not straight and can be straightened with water or steam — and I bet you Google will provide you with exactly how this is done.  )
Man-made materials for canes are Delrin, Lexan, fiberglass or nylon.  These are all more dense than natural materials are more thuddy and can do deeper damage.  They can be purchased from plastic supply stores such as Plastic World in Toronto.  They are durable and strong and need little preparation except the filing and smoothing of the edges of the tip.

Do not cane bones as blows can cause bones to chip, fracture, or bruise. Additionally, there is risk of

compressing nerves into bones and causing nerve damage.

The easiest type of damage in inflict accidentally is wrap around damage where you hit too long and the cane extends off the side far end of your slave and whips around 90° and the tip cuts into your sub.  This is most common with heavy blows because heavy blows tend to land about 15 cm further out than lighter aimed blows to the same spot.

Bamboo canes should not be used for heavy caning because heavy blows can make it split revealing dangerous, razor sharp edges.

Always practice on a pillow that shows the marks so you are proficient with aiming your blows at various power levels.  Hard blows always tend to strike further out than softer blows so always


Bleeding from mild tip wrap-around

practice first so you have a good idea of where your blows will land.

Exercise caution with using canes as they can inflict serious damage so always increase the hardness of your blows very gradually so you can see the difference the harder blows are making.

The tip of the cane travels the fastest and is the most likely area to split the skin.  Never do a full force blow just with the tip of a cane as you will split the skin followed quickly by blood.

The safest area to cane is fleshy areas of the buttocks (especially the bottom 1/3 of her ass) as well as thighs.  Do not cane the spine and bony shoulder blades.

Again, DON’T cane bones.  Caning bones can result in bone bruises (which is not a sexy kind of pain at all and it lasts for far too long.)   Also, hard strokes across bones can case bones to chip, fracture and also cause nerve damage.  If you must hit the fleshy spots around these bony areas, just use the tip and don’t use anywhere near full force blows.

Caning from the ‘bent over’ position seen in many Victorian movie results in the tail bone being exposed. As the tailbone is  bone, a hard cane stroke can chip the tailbone and cause massive ‘bad’ pain which may not heal and leave your sub permanently damaged and suffering.   If you must hit her bent over in an ‘L’ so her tailbone is sticking out, feel for it first with your hand so you know exactly where it is (human anatomy varies greatly so just because one partner didn’t have a tailbone that stuck out this way does NOT mean that all your partner’s won’t.  Personally, it just isn’t worth the risk.

Finally, canes hurt a ton and push your sub right past her limits so be extremely mindful of your subs mindset and state and monitor closely, checking in with her often to make sure that she is still okay.

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