High School Teacher Gives A+ for Sex

female-sex-offenderHighschool teacher Kayln Thompson has been convicted of rape and specifically for exchanging sex for good marks.  She had sex with her failing student and suddenly his mark shot up to an A.

They had sex once by a local lake and another time in a Tulsa motel.  She got busted by some bitchy highschool girl taking photos of the couple making out in a truck.   She has been sentenced by a Creek County District Court to a year in jail with a 5 year suspended sentence — and of course her life will be ruined as she will be placed on the sex offender registry.  Why? Because this hot woman had sex with a 17 year old male who was willing.  How-in-the-fuck is this rape??

The male was willing…look at the photo! She’s a hot 25 year old and he was 17: the age at which boys will happily hit on a snake if they think it’ll get them laid. How could you rape a horny, ultra-willing 17 year old?  Well apparently, the age of consent on Oklahoma for ‘people in positions of authority’ is 20.   20!! So he could have been 19 and it still would have been rape! These standards are completely insane.  The poor woman’s life is ruined. The sex offender registry is something I have blogged about before — and it is a pure evil which serves only to destroy people’s lives while…protecting horny young men from scoring with a hot babe like they have always dreamed about.

There is absolutely no way that a 19 year old is not emotionally and intellectually capable of teacher-in-garters
understanding the consequences and implications of having sex.  At 17,   I had a good understanding of quantum physics and the general theory of relativity — including some of the complex math behind it.  WTF…of course I understood what sex was.  This is an entirely ageist attack on a couple who obviously wanted to be together.

Granted, a teacher should not be giving out good grades to a student for having sex with her. That’s bullshit. But what it is not, is rape. Sure it is clearly unethical to trade grades for sexual favours at any age. But the male is also guilty of accepting good grades on false pretenses.  And if you don’t think he was doubly willing to have sex with her for that additional benefit of acing a course he was failing, you do not understand teenaged males.

So yes it was unethical but ruining someone’s life and labeling them a rapist because the young man
was not yet 20 and couldn’t legally give consent? That is insane.  All the articles refer to him as ‘the victim’ and he is. Can you imagine how traumatized you would be at 17 if the cops swooped in, stole your girlfriend, convicted her and sent her to prison while telling you that you have been raped??  That is messed up and will undoubtedly mess him up for a long time.  Thanks to an abusive legal system, big brother has squashed another productive individual and ensured that she will no long contribute to society for the rest of her life.

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