Max Hardcore Songs!

pigtail-blowjobMax Hardcore Songs!   Lol, I found some songs dedicated to the porn legend Max Hardcore.  It is funny because I never imagined that making young skinny girls puke on your cock would inspire people to write songs about you.

Max Hardcore just recently turned 60 and is once Max Hardcore inspired and warped an entire generation’s values just at a time when kids of the digital age are exposed to porn by the age of 12 or so….so many view him as a villain.  And others idolize him in song.

again free from prison — as he was sentenced for making porn so obscene that it offended the community values…and in hindsight, he probably is responsible for a lot of the extreme, sick porn fisting-sexthat is out there.

Regardless of your feelings toward him, Max Hardcore has had a much bigger influence on this coming generation — including the porn they watch and being one of the biggest promoters of anal sex — than anyone is giving him credit for.  And for that…he’s earned a couple of songs.

Incorrect – Does a Max Hardcore Tribute


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