Safecalls – Essential for meeting new people

police-lightsFor online BDSM dating, you simply must use a safe call.  It is an essential for thing for your own protection. Essentially, a safe call is simply a check in call that you make to a friend to let them know that you are OK after the date.   You give them all the details that you have about the person you are seeing so that if they turn out to be a rapey-kidnapping-psycho-murderer, someone knows that you are missing and they can start the search for you.

But there is a big problem with safe calls. If you don’t have a really good bestie that you feel 100%

comfortable sharing all your kinky-sexcapades with — and her knowing exactly how much of a slut you are…then what do you do?  Do you onl
y arrange a safe call once in a while (so you seem like less of a slut?) Do you leave a detailed notebook open on your bed for crime scene investigators to find once your body shows up weeks later? Obviously, those are not very ‘safe’


Because we live in a world where images
like this are out there…and consumed daily.


Enter Safe Call, the app that allows you to tell people whom you’re meeting and all their details IF you don’t check in.  You put all you new play partner’s info into the app and set a time where you must call or the app will automatically start contacting people letting them know that you are missing and whom you were last with.   If everything goes fine, you call and the app deletes all the info and nobody but you has to know what naughty business you were up to.

Check out the safe call app here (both android and itunes):

This way, you can always arrange a safecall, give as much details as you want about the person and nobody but you has to know anything about it unless something goes wrong and you WANT people to know. I think this is an essential part of BDSM safety for any single player or anyone who is meeting someone that is possibly sketchy for the first time.

Also, there is few similar apps like Bugle (itunes).  Or EmergenSee (itunes and google play).  I think these are all free.

Stay safe!

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