Writing a Flogging Guide

naked-skinny-dip-girlI just finished my Guide to Caning and I am working on a Flogging Guide.  I would love to be able to make a post everyday but it is a challenge. Creating quality content takes time and really, I want to put out a very good flogging guide that people can use and benefit from and not some half-assed attempt that will miss something key or worse, get people hurt.

So yeah, that’s what I am working on lately. Well, that and texting a noobie subbie named Harlequin as she is shitting herself about actually allowing herself to play. Seems she has had many a painslut fantasy and I asked her ‘Roughly how much of your fantasies revolve around pain?’  — she replied 98%.  I can work with that 😉  But when I invite her over she replied, “I want to look into your gorgeous blue eyes again.”  Yeah, yeah, I don’t see a conflict between that and coming over.

And another girl, Rachel seems to have dropped off the radar entirely. I haven’t heard from her in 6 days although the last message she sent was that her laptop was broken. (Still, she should respond to texts. I may have to phone her. haha). Before that, she told me she liked Ashlie very much too and thinks her skin is beautiful and that she want to lick her all over. Then she sent a series of unsolicited nude photos with very gushy warm words for me…and disappeared. So I don’t think she’s blowing me off. Then again, she is a girl and if I rely on past experience, that puts her firmly in the flaky department :/   I am tempted to post a nude shot of her body her because, damn, she’s fine — but there is no way in hell I would do that without her permission. Hmmm, so I will post a similar body type so you get the idea. 🙂

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