Amrita: Sacred Female Ejaculation


Main chakras opening during orgasm

Amrita is the tantric word for female ejaculation or squirting.  All women can use energy work to awaken their sacred spot chakra and squirt. Souls in female bodies are just as capable of releasing life-force fluids in sexual ecstasy as souls in male bodies. No, scratch that, souls in female bodies are MORE capable of releasing life-force fluids than males as they can easily have multiple orgasms with female ejaculation while having full bodied orgasms.  This is done by stimulating the sacred spot.

The sacred spot, as it is referred to in Tantric texts, is also known as the G-spot.  Tantra is an ancient Eastern mystical practice of using sexual energy in order to achieve enlightenment. (Here is a story of my first experience with Tantra and Tantric sex .) The sacred spot is about 3-9 centimeters inside the vagina (known as the ‘Yoni’ in these texts) and it is located on the top of the Yoni. The sacred spot is characterized by a soft, spongy area which is a little rough and has a different texture than the smooth walls of the Yoni.  If you want more info on finding it, see my post on Finding Your G-Spot.

The Sacred Spot, like the main Chakras, is correlated with  specific, physical gland in the body. So just like the 6th Chakra is related squirting-orgasm-drinkingdirectly with the pituitary gland and the 5th Chakra with the thyroid gland, the Sacred Spot is related to Skene’s Glands in females.  These glands are also tied energetically directly to the 2nd Chakra’s adrenal glands. This is why orgasms help regulate metabolism and stimulates the immune system: you are channeling energy directly into your immune system. Additionally, the 2nd ‘Sacral Chakra’ regulated the bladder, prostate (not in women), ovaries, kidneys, gall bladder, bowels and spleen.  It is interesting to note here that both the bladder and bowels energetically connected and regulated by the sacral chakra as this goes a long way to explaining people’s interest in both watersports and anal sex: they stimulate the same chakra.

The Sacred Spot is the best way for a woman to discover what she enjoys the most and opening this chakra lets her lose inhibition and find her joy. When a woman is ready, this powerful chakra opens up to accelerate her sensual, higher dimensional flow and creative expression as well as release amrita. Amirta is also known as female ejaculate. shejaculate, vajaculate or just plain squirt fluids. As the chakra opens fully, amrita is released and the influx of energy through this chakra results in an orgasm. All chakras that open fully to the universal energy are experienced as an orgasm.

The sacred spot holds all of the woman’s most intimate experiences and connects her directly to the planet itself.  Imbalances in the planet can be felt through the sacred spot and the release of amrita is an attempt to right these imbalances.  Because all of her most intimate experiences are held here, the release of amrita can also release emotional trauma and heartbreak through her vaginal ejaculations. This releasing of amrita lets go of those things that were preventing her to enjoy sensual pleasure before and as a result, the more times she vajaculates, the easier it becomes for her.

Amrita is known to the Hindus as the nectar of life and the storing up amrita by flexing the kegal muscles results in storing of energy which can end with a powerful Kundalini orgasm of awakened ecstasy.

It is also worth noting that the woman must fully let go in order to experience a release of amrita.  Holding tensions and daily stresses can inhibit the opening of this chakra.  So many times it is helpful to relax her mind with soothing talk and relax her body with sensual massage; especially the feet, breasts, shoulders & neck, and her thighs. The massage technique to make her squirt is described here.  And this chakra can be strengthened by exercising the kegal muscles which enhances your orgasm intensity as well as the likelihood that you will squirt.

Now I have heard ‘scientists’ claim that not every woman has the ability to squirt because they have not observed every woman squirting…but this is the same lot who discovered the clitoris in 1559 (see Gabriel Falloppio and Realdo Colombo as they argued about who discovered it first :o)  ).  The truth is, every woman can squirt.  I have made many girls squirt…the vast majority of them squirted for the first time with me and didn’t know they could do it. So in your face, science.

Amrita release orgasms tend to be accompanied by multiple, full body, orgasms — however it is

possible to trigger the release by a brute force method I have seen more in porn and the feedback I have gotten from girls is a rough, intense,rapid gspot massage can induce squirting but it lacks orgasm-face-femalethe full body orgasm that normally accompanies an amrita release.  Remember boys and girls, the point of this is not to get the female ejaculation out of the girl…it is to make her embrace the highest level orgasms possible.

(Note:  crap…amrita release is not the highest level orgasm possible…not by a long shot! I have to do more posts on tantric sex to cover the highest orgasms I know of more fully. But I am a fucking hardcore hedonist and I have made it my life’s work to experience the most pleasure possible to man

I can’t emphasize this enough: kegel exercises and strengthening the kegel muscles is the most important practice to facilitate female ejaculating amrita and squirting your divine goddess-fluids all over like an orgasmic firehose.  If you can already squirt, consider doing these strength training exercises for your vagina.  Strengthening these muscles help awaken the Kundalini energies and have it flow more easily into you.  Kegels also help strengthen the muscles that push out amrita and prepare your body for the increased Kundalini energy flow.

Now obviously, the woman should be stimulated, aroused and in the mood before attempting to

release amrita. She should be relaxed and holding a calm mind with no expectations. Remember: just be in the moment, from moment to moment, enjoying what life is offering you RIGHT NOW and don’t worry about ‘doing anything right’ or trying to squirt. It is best to let your body lead as it knows the way. Feel free to liberally use clitoral and nipple massage as your stimulate her sacred spot — as it is all about her pleasure: the more she enjoys it, the more her body will do what it naturally wants to do…it yearns to do this and will do it on it’s own…also she has to do to hang on for the ride.

When I am with a new girl, I generally don’t explain that I am going to make her squirt — which is ideal then she has no expectations at all and just enjoys herself and I encourage her to follow her body’s natural impulses and rhythm. Saying things like, “Good, you like, hmmmm? 🙂 ”   The reason is, this is the energetic flow of Shakti and the Kundalini energy wants to flow through her.  When it enters the sacred spot, it will cause that chakra to widen until it opens more fully…and as it opens, more energy flows through the chakra.  I believe this is like opening a portal to a higher dimension and the amrita (female ejaculate) is summoned and flows forth, created in her very loins.  My ex once came about 4-5 liters (literally) on an inflatable bed — and it came out of nowhere 😉  But this kundalini energy is the creative force of the universe and may be summoned into your sacred spot chakra and release some of the divine fluid into the physical world — making the world a better place.

Rocking and thrusting the hips can help stimulate the opening of the sacred spot chakra — so if you feel that impulse, follow it.  Also, try squeezing as you thrust forward and relaxing as you arch naked-flower-bodyback.  This is an ancient Tantric technique for opening the root and 2nd chakra — as a sort of ‘priming the pump’ to allow the sexual energies to flow and the Kundalini energy to flow up and into your body.

The use of anal toys is also effective for amrita release and is known as ‘root play’ in the tantric texts –as the anus is related to the root (1st) chakra. Stimulating her ass directly stimulates the sacred spot chakra as the two are closely energetically linked.  Also, opening of the root chakra can also result in energy flowing through that chakra (in what is known as an anal orgasm) and that energy frequently then jumps over to the sacred spot chakra and causes that chakra to open up as well. The result is a root/sacred spot dual chakra opening up simultaneously which is experienced as a damn sweet orgasm.

It is also worth noting that like the male ejaculate, amrita squirts out of the female urethra and so some girls are tempted to ‘shut down’ the orgasm — basically telling those chakras to close before they fully open — because she is worried that she will pee.  But the secret is, inexperienced girls can’t pee while being sexually aroused. I know this for sure because I have tortured some submissives with feeding them lots of water till they are bursting and dying to pee…then sexually stimulated them and finally given them permission to pee…just to watch their expression as they try and try and can’t pee even though they are 9.5/10 on the scale of peeing themselves.  They can’t do it and neither can you. Guy know you can’t pee with a hard on (without practice and effort) so just relax and trust your body. However, it is easier to shejaculate if you are well hydrated so go ahead and drink lots before sex.

After an intense amrita release where the female fluids are forcefully squirted out, it is often common to have little convulsions or tremors. The tantric texts I spoke to a tantric sex instructor who called these ‘chelates’.   Basically, they are your body’s way of trying to open up your energy pathways so that you can handle more energy flowing through you.

Amrita is the most high vibration fluid on the planet and filled with divine light and energy.  If you drink it, it may cause spontaneous orgasms (it does for me!) and it seems to evaporate like magic and never leaves a smell 🙂   And one last thing, as you squirt and release amrita, REMEMBER TO BREATHE!!!  Breathing intensifies the orgasm and helps more energy flow through you.

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