Bacon Condoms


The bacon flavored condom looks like
bacon…but she should probably spit.

America. Sex. Bacon. For the Win. Yes, bacon condoms are a thing! Who doesn’t love putting bacon in their mouth? No one! That’s who!  (I suppose this is where you tell me about Jews, Muslims and vegetarians and I reply “That is what they choose but they still love to put bacon in their their mouth. You see, it is biologically impossible for a human to dislike the taste of bacon.” )

Well now, for $9,99 a box you can Buy Bacon Condoms!   These are the perfect gift for redneck guys who need encouragement for safe sex. It’s also good for many a man-meat joke.

Now the effectiveness of this product definitely

will depend on your partner.  If  you partner is a vegan, she may object.  If she’s a cool vegan, she’ll probably laugh. But considering that you are already pulling out condoms, you are probably good already (that said, this could ruin it for you with a Jewish girl).

I have to warn you, I have not test driven these condoms at all.  I have no idea how they perform. Let’s be honest, I am pretty picky and it is highly doubtful that the bacon condom will make my Top 5 Condoms List.

The biggest advantage of this condom is, of course, it tastes like bacon. And it should. The J&D stands for Justin & Dave, the world leaders in bacon flavor products…they just applied their great flavor to condoms this time.

So what’s that catch? They keep selling out off their website so it must be hard to keep them in stock.


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