Clitoris Necklace

clitoris-jewleryThe clitoris in a subtle necklace design that nestles perfectly in your clavicle. I know you’ve heard of a pearl necklace and this ain’t that. Nope, the clitoris necklace as a damn sexy piece of jewelry I came across and I really love it’s curves.  The clitoris necklace is designed to fit in the clavicle which is one spot I find super sexy. So what would make a clavicle sexier? Put in a perfectly shaped necklace and attach a clitoris!!

Seriously, I don’t normally blog about necklaces but this one is so damn hot that I couldn’t help myself.  It’s made of sterling silver and a bit pricey at $310 Canadian but…I think this design really hit a nerve with me as that part of the neck has great curves already and I have never seen anything accentuate it so effectively. It’s upside down and looks decorative so you don’t immediately think…hey, that’s a clit peeking out from some tasty looking vaginal lips…but my subconscious was drooling within a microsecond.   I swear, I looked at the image and went, ‘Damn…that’s so hot!”

Oh, there’s only 250 of them being made…so damn, I should probably order one before they go poof!  (Note: I have absolutely  no affiliation with the seller but I hope to have intimate affiliations with someone wearing this)

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