New Condom Senses STIs (and changes color)

Note: Not a representation of the actual color changing condoms

An innovative new condom actually changes color when it comes in contact with STIs.  This new condom could change how you look at STIs. Specifically, this condom changes color when it comes in contact with a sexually transmitted disease or infection causing virus or bacteria.   The idea revolves around the antigens of the STIs being on the condoms which would react and change color when then come in contact with the disease.  The condom is to have colour-coded responses so, for example, chlamydia might cause the condom to turn green and syphilis could turn it blue while HIV is red. The number of diseases the condom could detect could high so it could detect up to 10 possible hazards.

These 13-14 year old boys are winning awards
for thinking about sex.

This condom was proposed by 3 teens from England’s Isaac Newton Academy: Daanyaal Ali (14),  Chirag Shah (14) and Muaz Nawaz (13).  The condom concept is called, “S.T. Eye” which not nearly as clever as the actual concept which came in first at the U.K.’s Teen Tech Awards.

The teens have been approached by condom companies who are interested in the idea.  Better than that, the 3 boys won a $1500 prize and a trip to present the idea to Prince William…which is awesome to think of 3 pimply teenaged boys talking to royalty about cocks, condoms and STIs.

While this condom has some interesting innovations, I have some issues with it. What if you put you dick in the girl and it turns black because there are so many colors present?   Which begs the question…if the condom turns all shades of colours indicating the person is infected with multiple diseases…isn’t that just a little too late? Personally, I would prefer to know about this beforehand. But perhaps they will work this out as, to be clear, this is still in the developmental stage.

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