hot-gay-menI write regularly on female ejaculation which is commonly referred to as squirting (or as I prefer shejaculation or vajaculation) but I was actually talking with a close friend of mine and web developer for Squirt.org — now before you horny frat boys rush off to check out the squirting chick I have to warn you, this site refers to ejaculating semen as squirting and you’re in for a whole world of explicit gay porn (which is exactly what frat boys secretly desire so…your welcome 😉  )

It’s ok to like both cock
and boobies. (Note:
no boobies 2 b found on
Still, the site is noteworthy not just because my friend is programming it, but it’s a Toronto gay cruising site that has taken off and is now operating all over the world.   The site is kind of like Grinder (or Tinder if you are into boobies — and honestly, I can’t fathom how someone could NOT be into boobies. No person in the planet should be immune to God’s perfection embodied.)
This is tame for a squirt.org profile shot
So what is Squirt.org? It is  a community site which offers features for guys to hookup, cruising, dating and events.  It’s a sex positive site and that’s why I am blogging about it.  The Hookup section offers images similar to that of tinder…it finds where you are geographically and then shows you images of all the guys nearby and a profile about them.  But the profiles, good lord! Totally uncensored so there is a lot of squirting cocks and semen visible in the profile pictures.  And forget about key ‘dating site’ data as the first info you see on the person. One of the first descriptors you read is cock size and if they are a top or bottom.  (NOTE: this is not a BDSM top or bottom as in dominant or submissive…this is more a reference to pitcher or receiver as far as gay sex goes.)
The cruising sites was also pretty detailed with photos of the actual locations to meet (including lots of bathrooms, even down to the stall).  The key ‘above the fold’ details of these meeting spots had “Gloryhole?” listed because…sometime you just need to know exactly where the gloryhole is.  And of course there is a user rating system and comments.
A more typical shot 😉
The thing about the site is it is well populated with members contributing profiles and gloryhole locations.  And I think about the repressed 1950’s gay man finding this site and having a brain aneurysm because it is so openly expressive of the homosexual self and embracing erotic life.
The site specifically states that they “strive to get you laid! A lot!”  The site has a mobile version which seems mostly about the geographic finding of guys near you that are online and messaging them.  The full site offers live web chat, audio chat, video chat, message boards, email and member produced porn.
When my friend was showing me the guys nearby, I have to admit, I was shocked to see so many ripped, hot naked guys all within a 5 km radius.   Seriously sculpted bodies.
So yeah, if you are looking for a great gay hookup site, check out Squirt.org. (Oh yeah, and there is a 5 day free trial. )

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