Would You Fuck a Robot? Robophilia


My inputs are compatible with her sockets

Would you fuck a robot? Seriously. what would it take for you to fuck a robot. What qualities would that robot have to have?   Because sex robots are cumming.  So it’s time to imagine what they should be like.  Why? Because I find myself resistant to the idea of robot fucking.

Yet at the same time, think of this:  the sex robots are all connected together via the internet…learning tricks and tips from every other sex robot out there.  That means if 100 000 sex robots are out there for a year…after 1 year your sex robot will have 100 000 years of experience. Put a 10 million of them out into the world for 10 years and … well, our pathetic human brains will only be able to interpret them as Fuck Gods with Unworldly Prowess.  (or FuGUPs for short 😉 )

But in order for this to happen…someone will have to be first.  And it will no doubt be a rich

watermelon fucker who gives it the first lesson — which may kill the whole project as everyone will be so confused after his preferences are uploaded into the worldwide database.  But this will be corrected eventually as more people use it.

But for more people to use it…you have to get over both the stigma of fucking a robot and the uncanny valley.  The uncanny valley is the great fear that human have of creepy-assed things that look very close to human but not 100% bang on so our primal brain says to us, “Holy fuck that is a demon possessed evil killer doll!”  and this has numerous bad effects on hardons.

A recent British survey (and inspiration for this article) stated that 85% of guys would not have sex with a robot (even if they had the opportunity.)    And that is just guys who are notoriously not so picky. I have to assume 10% of the ‘yes’ votes were from the 15-18 year old range where ‘having a pulse’ may have been setting the bar too high.

And what about women?  Sure, they claim to be all selective and stuff but every girl I have dated came with her own vibrating toys so is this not just the next step?

Robophilia may come into the mainstream much sooner than we dare dream.   Already, many Japanese men are dating real dolls (hmmm, I thought I wrote article specifically on real dolls…but then again, I have 250 partially written draft posts so it is probably in there.)  Robophilia…it’s not at all common right now…but I suspect it will be a thing. Soon.  Have you seen the movie Her about the the attachment a man gets to his smartphone app?   The main issue in that film was she didn’t have a body to fuck his brains out exactly how he likes. Hell, it could have built in sensors that read body temperature, eye dilation, where the eyes are looking, and pulse rate — and  cross-reference that to the database of other humans to ensure you have a mind blowing orgasm every time.  That’s gonna be too powerful a thing to ignore.  But I know that the exponential growth in computing power is something that humans are terrible at grasping.  I imagine that robots are going to be totally mainstream in 5

This guy is working on a companion who can ‘feel’ things
and by ‘things’ I assume he means ‘his penis’

years replacing boatloads of jobs — first in the transportation sector and making massive inroads into every profession from law, medicine, service industry, and most notable: war.  Yes, warrior killer robots will be world changing. And so much sooner than you are comfortable with. Mark my words; 5 years.

When I first asked myself this question, I thought…no, I don’t want to fuck a robot, thank you very much,  But if it didn’t look creepy…and maybe didn’t try to look human at all?  Then I came up with this for my answer for ‘what would make me fuck a robot?”:   If I could put on virtual reality glasses and see an ideal hottie who is connected to and synced up with the physical sensations being offered by physical robot…yeah…I would totally be down with that.

And the first company to get this right will be bigger than Apple.   So what what it take for you to fuck a robot?

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