Canadian Elections and Sex

canada-pm-holds-dildoAs a Canadian sex blogger, I gotta cover the elections a little bit. Where do the parties stand on sex related issues?  Well, I break it down for you briefly.  But the Green Party is the big political leader in sexual freedom for 2015.

The Conservatives
The Conservatives are royal douche-bags as far as it comes to supporting the rights of sex workers, abortion and polyamory.  Stephen Harper thinks abortions should be banned because Jesus needs more babies, he wants to strip sex workers of the constitutional right to a safe work environment and jail them instead, and has  a “Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act” which specifically singles out polygamy…so basically, as far a sexual rights and freedoms go…fuck this guy with a strap on.




The Green Party
Elizabeth May wants to repeal bill C-36 which effectively criminalizes prostitution by making it naked-girls-in-a-forest
illegal to purchase or ‘communicate’ (I assume that means with body language and telepathy too…).  Instead, she wants to restore Planned Parenthood programs and introduce education programs in school which talk about gender norms and sterotypes which perpetuate violence against women. And the clincher for me? The Green party wants to legitimize polyamorous marriages.

The Liberal Party
Justin Trudeau is pro choice and supports a woman’s right to choose.  And…that’s about all I could find on him.  Aside from wanting to legalize weed…which might improve sex for some 😉

Tom Mulcair is strongly in favor of ending violence against women.  He takes it to the next level with wanting to have Canadian foreign policy act strongly on countries that use Rape as a Weapon. naked-canadian-girlsHe is also in favor of women and girl’s right to choose as far as abortion goes.

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