Don’t Touch My Collar

I see you, flirting and causally tugging on the O-ring attached to the stainless steel chain around my slave’s neck but…

that’s a symbol of my ownership so please, don’t touch my collar.

She may seem ‘okay’ with you toying with her collar to you…but she’s a submissive so she’s don’t fight back well (which is part of why I love her)…and besides, that collar belongs to me and not her so please don’t touch my collar.

Speaking of ownership, she’s my property too…so just keep your hands off my property! If you want to touch the collar around her neck, you have to ask me, not her. If you haven’t don’t that, don’t touch my fucking collar!

In that collar, i have made her crawl and beg and scream and cry.  I have hurt her, bruised her, solid-metal-slave-collar
tortured her and fisted her. I have pissed all over her face and forced my cock down her throat and pissed some more. I have forced my cock deeper down her throat till she puked up my piss…all over that lovely collar.

That collar has been around her neck through countless ass-fuckings and BDSM parties.  That collar is a symbol of her submission to me as I trained her to be the perfect slave.  So don’t just play with it like it’s some sort of game for you…don’t touch my collar.

That collar has seen her broken and crying and yet it has kept us together far stronger than some measly wedding ring.  That collar is a trophy to me — of capturing her submissive heart.

metal-lock-collarThat collar has seen every variety of perverted play between this Master and his very little girl. It has seen a variety of pretty poly partners parade through our relationship. That collar is the physical symbol of our relationship.  And you don’t get to just walk up and touch it.  That collar is 24/7 for 365 days a year… there is no ‘off time’ when it is okay to touch it.  So when you see her at a play party…don’t touch my collar.


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