Free Anal Toys and Lube


Or buy 1 of these for just $3.32 ea. (link below)

Want to win a butt load of anal toys and lube?  Of course you do, you big pervert!! Anyone reading my blog should know what to do with a bundle of butt plugs. This one is kinda a throwback to my days running a freebie giveaway site.  I used to be addicted to freebies and in all honesty, I still receive 15 free magazine subscriptions –yeah, I get Maxim and Playboy for free. B-)   So this one is not quite as good as that but it’s still a chance to win and decent odds.

Just like a post on Facebook and then submit your entry so they can find you.   Use your ‘fake’drawing-buttplugs
Facebook account that you use to play online games like Candy Crush…otherwise grandma may see that you ‘liked buttplugs’ and then ask you about it during Thanksgiving dinner.  Which reminds me of my ex’s mother asking her during an extended family dinner, “Do you give good blowjobs?  ‘Cause I need a good blowjob.”  — she was referring to drying her hair with a hairdryer so it makes her have big hair… which was the first thing I though she was talking about and I have no idea why my ex looked so mortified.

Or if you just want to buy a butt plug for cheap…you can got the jewel ones above for just $3.32 each at from this website here! (It says they are ending the sale in a day so act fact — if high pressure marketing is your thing.)

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