Halloween Sexy Avengers

sexy-female-captain-americaI did the Xmen…but what about the avengers?  Can they be done all sexy for Halloween? You bet your spanked, kinky ass they can!  Even the Thor and Iron Man have been sexed-up and made into gorgeous creations.  If you are dressing up for Halloween this year, you would do well to copy these designs.  Added bonus? Any of the smart, nerdy guys will love you for life — just make sure you know the backstory of your character and what issue they first appeared in.  Then you will own  their hearts. 😉

Have sexy versions of many of the whole team here.  As well as some of the other main characters in the Avengers world such as a super sexy Loki or Nick Fury.

And in case you don’t like one costume style…there are a few varieties of sexy costumes to choose further down. Happy dressing up for Hallowe’en!





Nick Fury and is Nick short for Nicky? Nicole?


Loki, so mischievous









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