Putin Butt Plug

vladimir_putin_anal_toyVladimir Putin has been immortalized in this handsome and manly butt plug.  I recently saw the Russian head of state give an interview on Charlie Rose and I was immediately impressed by what an overconfident, smug twat he was.  He’s truly a slippery and snake-like head of state. Not that he didn’t handle the interview well…it was more that manor in which he handled it: very calculating and …dangerous.  Russia may be lucky to have him but I highly doubt he is a blessing to Western countries. This is one world leader I would not underestimate in any way.
This is no Photoshop: that’s actually Putin!

But I think the risk of pissing him off blogging
about a butt plug in Putin’s image is small compared to the guy who actually made him into an anal toy. I do have to wonder about the motivations for this, however.  Was it made by a woman who was overcome by the sex symbol that is Putin — so much so that she had to make him into something she could shove up her ass?  Or is it made by a gay rights activist who is making a statement about the lack of gay rights in Russia? Perhaps it was made by a Ukrainian nationalist displeased by Russia imposing itself on the Ukraine?  Or a gay man who is overcome by the manly-sexiness that is Putin and needed a way to get him up is ass?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was made by a Ukrainian nationalist, gay rights activist who is a hermaphrodite who is both making a political statement and yet guiltily overcome by what a fucking sex god Putin is? 🙂  No matter what it’s origin, a Putin butt plug is fucking hilarious and I think we are likely to see many more people immortalized as butt plugs.

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