Squirting Lesbians (or why I love lesbians)

female-ejaculation-orgyI love squirting lesbians, primarily because they are just about the ideal girl who shares my interest in girls and has the ability to squirt. What’s not to like?  Now of course, I prefer bisexual girls who squirt, but there is something I love about lesbians too — as there is no bullshit interactions about ‘maybe we could have sex’ and the absence of that dynamic with girls is a real treat.

Warning: I am about to make a whole shit-ton of generalizations. They are based strictly on my experience and interactions with lesbians — including the lesbian lovers of bisexual girls I have dated. So these are not so much stereotypes as a compilation of my experience and this is wholly inaccurate when expanded to the entire population of lesbians — which are as diverse as any other people.

First off, lesbians make absolutely the best wingwomen. They are like the stealthiest, deadliest wing a guy could possibly have.  And I am a pretty good wingman for dykes too — as I have a good sense of who is not straight…but perhaps the best possible way is the ‘crash and burn’  — where I plow in there and behave like a total frat boy buffoon and then my girl steps in to ‘save her’ gracefully. Part of the save is her pulling her away to ‘safety’ so they already have a common bond and have stepped into another space before things even get started. It is a totally solid play — with the major exception of we can’t be seen together afterwards. :/
Ok, back to squirting lesbians.  Why can lesbians make other girls squirt so well? Because they lesbian-making-partner-squirthave the exact same equipment and know how to work it much better than a guy can.  (I once had a famous guy in the Toronto Gay Fetish community come on to me with a similar explanation…and he made it sound pretty tempting as yeah, he does have a much more instinctual knowledge of my kit and how to make it work.)  And since squirting requires an intimate knowledge of how the female body works and how to maneuver with it…it only makes sense that lesbians are good at making girls squirt.
Another thing I like about lesbians is…both their ability to go slow and steady and fast and hard.   Lesbians tend to do both to greater extremes than guys.  A lesbian can and will spend hours on foreplay, slowly and steadily exciting her entire body — making sure that every inch gets its proper attention.  And when lesbians get into high gear…watch out.  This is where fisting originated and these girls go at it with an almost evil intensity.

Lesbians seem to be experts at making girls squirt and indeed, lesbians no doubt have been making girls squirt the longest –imagines Roman orgies where only girls were invited.   The added advantage of having the same plumbing has given lesbians an inside track on causing female ejaculation. Hell, they may even have discovered the clitoris before Realdo Colombo did in 1559 (it is doubtful, however, as these male medical scientists were pretty groundbreaking and it’s not like the clitoris is just hanging there outside the body — they would have had to retract the hood to see her.)

In all seriousness, lesbians should  be vajaculation pros.  Especially since the majority of the lesbians

I know are also polyamorous…so think about that. You have a group of naked lesbians all teaching each other how to squirt.  Of course they are going to be female ejaculation experts! Oh, and those gals were not only poly, they also have hedonist tendencies…so the stories I have heard about the ‘group get-togethers’ have been impressive. And yes, there was copious amounts of squirting that required the use of both bowls and a large number of towels as when a gaggle of gurls squirts shejaculation everywhere, you need to mop it up.

I will end with a bit of wisdom: A quick way to tell if a guy is a douche-bag is to tell him about a girl on girl experience you had — and watch his reaction.

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