Top 10 Dirty Astronomy Terms

Neil deGrasse Tyson was voted ‘Sexiest Astrophysicist Alive’ by People Magazine back in 2000.  He does have a sexy brain, I’ll give him Sexy-scientistthat.  But what would it sound like if he was talking dirty to you? He would no doubt use the dirtiest astronomy terms available…but what would those be?  This post is inspired by the my recent post on the first couple to have sex in space. And yeah, the astronauts would probably use the same pool of words.  Remember, all of these are actual scientific terms.

So without further delay,  the Top 10 Dirty Astronomy Terms:

10.  Astronomical unit
9. Re-entry
8. Galactic bulge
7. Greatest elongation
6. Hot luminous bodies
5. Orbial insertion
4. Uranus
3. Afterglow
2. Panspermia
1. Deepest penetration

Honorable mentions:  moon, Orion’s Sword, swollen red giant, ejecta blanket and German equatorial mount.

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