Who were the 1st Humans to Fuck in Space


Jan Davis and Mark Lee (first humans
to have sex in space)

Ever wonder who will be the first humans to have sex in space? Well, it will be far weirder than you can imagine — and you should also know the names of Jan Davis and Mark Lee! These were two astronauts that went up to orbit on the Space Shuttle Endeavor way back in 1992.   The thing is, they had secretly gotten married 9 month before the mission and being married and going on missions together is banned by NASA.   Why would they keep their marriage secret? Because they wanted to be the first humans to ever bump uglies in space. Seriously…fuck landing on the moon…”I was the first man to fuck in space!” That is the biggest gold star any man could have on his report card. Talk about bragging rights!

BTW, you have to watch the video at the end of this post!

Anyway, I tried to look it up and it seems that NASA doesn’t have an officially posted policy about sex in space — terrible news for this sex blogger.  I was able to find some hypothetical things to consider about sex in space…as let’s face it, if you are going to do a long term space mission to anywhere –even as close as Mars — people are going to want to fuck.   Humans are the rare breed of animal who will literally make videos of a guy fucking a pile of donuts. And we all know that Jim the Pie Fucker was based on real world truths about guys being willing to fuck anything.   Humans have needs and right up there with breathing is fucking.   (Would it be inappropriate to mention the alien egg depositing sex toy here?)

But fucking in space is not as simple as it sounds.   First, can a girl get pregnant (as easily) from zero g sperm? No one has studied this.  But think about the absence of gravity.  That means a small push could literally send you flying off in different directions — not exactly ideal when trying to fuck.  And sweat? That shit doesn’t stay on you but drifts around the room in tiny little balls (actually, I am not so sure about that… let me find out…) Ohhh, apparently, the sweat doesn’t roll off of you but just forms pools all over your body that just stays there.  Astronauts have to actively towel off and have wicking layers in the spacesuits.  Some have even reported sweating more in space — possibly because there is no convention to carry heat away from the body.  Here’s a picture of Karen on the International Space Station (ISS) sweating in her daily exercise routine.

OMG, this should give you some idea of how you sweat in space…and it’s so unexpected that I think a cum shot on a girl’s face has to be done for science reasons!


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