Ex Messaging my Brother on Tinder


Not her, but not unlike her (or her Tinder profile shot) either…but I think the ex is a bit prettier to be honest and identical body

My ex is on Tinder and messaging my brother. I know, ’cause I looked at my brother’s phone when it buzzed and the screen lit up.  On it was a face familiar to me.  Yup, it was my ex.  At first I thought she’d sent me a message…but it was his phone.  Oh, she’d sent him a message on Tinder.  Wonderful.

I didn’t know she was on Tinder but it makes sense. She’s younger. Younger than my little brother even at 23 so of course she’s using Tinder. I picked her up the old fashioned way: I saw the hot girl and plowed on in there and talked to her and got her digits.
But the thing is…do I mention to my bro that I dated her?  I think not.  First, it would look like I was snooping and secondly he might be a bit awkward about any mention of Tinder –or not. I don’t care in the slightest but he may.  Besides, it’s not like he’s bringing her as his date for Christmas dinner.  Please don’t have him bring her as his date for Christmas dinner! That would be awkward. And hilarious! 🙂
We could get drunk together like old times! bahaha

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