More People Imagine Others During Sex Than You Think


You might be imagining sexy bellies. Or fictional characters. Or both!

Do you imagine other people while having sex? Or are you sexual thoughts purely in the moment and just about your partner?   More importantly, is your lover thinking of someone other than you?  Well, it turns out that more people imagine others during sex than you’d think.   How many?  You better sit down for this:

90% of sexually active people of another lover during sex with their partner.


90%?  But…that means…the odds are against me?? :'( But don’t worry, it’s not every time. Just 46% of the time. So it’s every other time 😉

Yup. You may believe in monogamy but neither of your brains are on board with that program!

Sexologist refer to this as “a perfectly natural part of a healthy sexual relationship” but what they really mean is, ‘everybody does it.”

Who does your partner think about?  The odds are incredibly high that they are thinking of friends,
coworkers or past sexual partners. But 25% are thinking of fictional characters because…Jessica Rabbit.

What does this tell us about human sexuality? Well, monogamy definitely isn’t hardwired into our operating system.  Perhaps we really are wired like bonobos.


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