My Little Girl is a Slut

cute-young-girl-in-forestShe was in trouble as soon as I opened my bedroom door.

“Hi Daddy!” she exclaimed and opened her arms for a big hug.

I stood in brooding silence and watched her face drop as she read my expression.  She looked up at me from the floor where she had been coloring.

I tightly held her wrists and said, “Babygirl, we need to talk.” She tensed up as I pulled her into the next room, ignoring her attempts to brush her ass up against my cock in a vain attempt to distract me.

I pushed her down on the bed, beside her laptop.

“Log in.”

She looked up at me instead, with a worried expression on her face. I slapped the expression away.


She quickly typed her password.  I literally breathed down her neck and I could smell the fear on her.

Which her computer up, I opened My Documents –> My Pictures –> Summer Camp

And then I paused as she sat there utterly silent and still.

Below was a directory of various folders. Folders of her. Young and naked.  With  And she
knew it.

I clicked on the first folder. “Derek”.  It was filled with candid photos of her and a teen boy with no chest hair whom I assume is named Derek.   Photos of her bare legs wrapped around him.  Photos of her having her first adventures at summer camp.

I flipped through the photos rapidly on Honeyview photoviewer so we could see each photo full size.

Then I opened another photo.  Her on her cabin bunk.  A younger her– spreading her her cunt in one…her ass in another.

The next album was her stripping in the woods with youthful


She sat there quietly…unmoving.

I opened another called ‘Jake’: she was naked on a dock.  Tanned, a couple random mosquito bites showing. And her having a lot of fun shaved-thin-girlexploring her new cell phone camera.  Jake taking her ass on the dock, one she obviously took of him licking out her hairless pussy.

Next album was called ‘Last Day of Camp’ and she inside a cabin and she was surrounded by eager
boys with hard young cocks. This album showed her younger self in all manner of compromising position.

I paused on  a photo of her on her knees, with a boy in pussy, a boy in her ass and another cock in her mouth.  Even her hands were full.   I just left the photo up…letting it seep in.

She could barely look at it and kept looking down at her lap — her eyes the only part of her that was moving at all.

“Was this your first airtight?” I asked.

She seemed thrown and confused by the question but eventually managed to choke out, “Air tight??”

“Air tight,” I explained, “is when you have all your holes filled.”

She just sat there, motionless. Embarrassed and blushing with shame.

I pulled her ponytail so her eyes met mine, “WAS it your first air tight?”

She looked like she was about to burst into tears. “No” she said as the tears welled up and her mouth bunched up like a cheerleader’s scrunchie and she pulled away so she could look down: unable to hold my gaze.

The next album was her on her parents back porch, wearing a tight fitting white tank top and

engaging the both of neighbors boys cocks with her mouth.

“So this behavior wasn’t just for summer camp?” I queried.

She simply, and slowly shook her head. More photos revealed her shoving fingers up her ass on the porch and later a boy licking her tight little hot-girl-blowjobhairless hole.

She softly spoke, “I’m so very sorry, Daddy…”  I could barely hear her.

“Don’t be.”

She opened her mouth to question me, then shut it, still confused.

“You are a slut. You don’t have to explain it or try to justify your actions to me.  I know you love sex.  You love to get fucked and have a good time. I admire you for it. Most girls are too ashamed to act on their true desires, but you are brave.  You seize the moment and take all pleasures that life has to offer. And that…is why I like you. Don’t you forget it. I am proud of you for being such a slut. More so that you have always been a slut too.”

And with that, I leaned over and ripped her shirt in two, destroying it to reveal her lovely flat stomach
and pink, lacy bra. I kissed her hard and passionately while enjoying the feel of girly lace in the palm of my hands. I forced her back and down, till she was laying under my weight, pinning her in place.

rough-hair-pulling“Most girls aren’t sluts. But you’re a nasty slut.” I reached around back and snapped her bra open with my left hand in one fluid snap.  “Mmmmmmmmmmm….My little girl is a nasty little whore,” I whispered in her ear.   I held her throat as a pulled her panties off, revealing her tiny little hairless pussy, and I noted that the back of my hand was moist just from pressing up near her pussy.

I was hard as a rock now, thinking of my young little girl at summer camp, exploring her sexuality and blowing all those guys…it was so hot.  I used her moistness to wet the pads of my fingers before playing with her swollen clit.

“So it’s ok that I was a slut?” she asked, still not fully believing me.

“I wouldn’t have you be any other way.  But it’s not ok for you not to be a slut.” I bit down on her shoulder…then more bites to the base of her neck as I pleasured her with my fingers — enjoying the feeling of her entire warm body pressed against me.

“You can fuck any guy you want, just so long as you fuck me once for every time you fuck someone. Ok?”

She thrust her hips forward. “Yes daddy. oOooooh!”  she moaned at the thought of her liberation.

“A little slut like you needs lots of cock, don’t you?”  I teased.

“Yes Daddy. Ohhhhhhhhh–” I thust my cock into her wet pussy. It glided deep inside of her, thanks to her wet, flowing juices.

Then I began to punish her with my cock, thrusting deep into her, over and over as I made her tell me about her exploits as the photographic evidence of her slutty youth paraded in front of us from the screen of her laptop. I threw her to her knees and found her hole again quickly to keep my momentum going strong.  I began slapping her and insult her as I enjoyed her youthful body -both currently and on screen. I took her hard, and fucked her to possess her — and as far as I could tell, she was loving every second of it..

“I’m your filthy little girl, daddy.”

“Yeah, I bet a whore like you is just dying to have something in your ass” I responded.

“Ohhhh yes! I do Daddy. My ass is small but I am big enough to take you Daddy.” she begged.

I massaged my thumb into her puckered anus and began playing with her slutty little asshole…knowing that she’d had many boys before me.

“Who is that?” I pointed at the screen to a particularly handsome young lad pummeling her ass in the photo on screen.

“I can’t remember, Daddy” she pouted.

“You are such a slut you can’t even remember the name of  a guy who ass-fucked you?

hair-pulling-sex“But daddy, I was young and not to worried about names or –” I smacked her to cut her off as I began to penetrate her ass.

“You can’t remember because you are such a big slut that you only cared that he was hot and hard for

“Yes Daddy.”

Her simple addmission of sluthood drove me over the edge. I came with a hard, electric orgasm as I sent gallons of sperm into her horny asshole. Oh god yes, she was a real sex-crazed whore and I was fucking her. I shuddered and tried to hang on to her as I lost sense of time and space.

“Oh God yes! Daddy loves his whore!!”


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