New Magic Wand Attachments –for Cheap!

magic-wand-attachmentsGreat news! I found some super cheap attachments for the magic wand! As any reader of this blog knows, I am a huge fan of the Hitachi magic wand aka the magic wand (because Hitachi wants to distance themselves from orgasms).    I think the first attachments I bought for a magic wand cost about $60 each — and so when I found these attachments for under $10…I immediately knew what a steal I had found.

The attachments are made out of medical silicone — which is about the finest thing you can make a sex toy out of.   Silicone is perfect because you can boil it to clean it and it is non-porous so it doesn’t harbour any nasty bacteria or viruses. The main disadvantage of medical silicone is that it is so expensive. But not this time!

Oh, and the seller has over 50 reviews and only one of them wasn’t 5 stars.  Seriously, go buy this
right fucking now.

So there are three recommended styles– the dual anal/pussy simulator ($9.99) — because fuck yeah.

Or the 3 insert-able vibes with clit massager (all 3 for $9.99???)…because you need this. You may not know how badly you need this…but omfg do you need this.

There is also this 3 pack here that has the best attachments all grouped together for an affordable $19.99.

Oh, and I have no affilation whatsoever with this — I am just a hedonist who is trying to share the truth with the world like an evangelical Christian on a streetcorner…but way more fun.


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