Say My Name

Him: Now listen to me. You’ve got the greatest orgasm cook in A– no, two of the greatest orgasm
cooks in America right here, and with our skills, you’ll cum more from me on my lowest speed than you ever would on your own.

Her: Yeah, so you say. Just wondering why I’m so lucky. Why cut me in?

Him: The rabbit is retiring from our crew, and so his share of the partnership is available, if you can handle his end — lubrication.  And if you give him 5 minutes  of the 15 minutes that you’ll fap today. Just think of it a s finder’s fee for bringing us together.  I was just plugged in and I’m cool and ready to go.  Are you ready?

Her: (heh) Who the hell are you?best-vibrator

Him: You know. You know exactly who I am.  Say my name.

Her: Do what? I don’t — I don’t have a damn clue who the hell you are.

Him: Yeah, you do.  I’m the beast.  I’m the one who gave Jenna Jamison her first orgasm.

Her: Bullshit.  The We-Vibe got Jamison.

Him: Are you sure?   *looks her over, hard*  That’s right.   Now say my name.

Her: Hitachi.

Him: You’re goddamn right.

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