Top 5 Fears about Squirting

squirt-soaked-girlThese are the top fears, real and imagined, that girls have about squirting (aka: your female ejaculation worries.) I know that almost no guy is afraid of squirting and over 90% are totally into squirting. I also know that I just invented that last fact and 90% is directly from my ass.   But squirting can also be the cause of anxiety for women, so let’s talk about that.I know that almost no guy is afraid of squirting and over 90% are totally into squirting. I also know that I just invented that last fact and 90% is directly from my ass.
But squirting can also be the cause of anxiety for women, so let’s talk about that.

Girls squirting during orgasm is known as female ejaculation, vajaculation, shejaculation and awesome….is hands down the easiest way for a girl to eject shejaculate. Nothing beats it. But sometimes girls are fearful of this perfect amrita and proof that she is a living goddess.

What are the top fears that women have about squirting?

#5 It is really pee?— Yup, she’s worried that maybe she’s lost control of her bladder. Is it pee? The

answer is pretty clear to me that it isn’t. It originates in the skene glands aka the female prostate. Even taking into account the recent study using an ultrasound finding that some of the fluid originates in the bladder…it’s still not pee and is generated far faster than pee during (and only during) sexual arousal. The main thing is, it doesn’t feel like pee, it doesn’t taste like pee and it doesn’t look like pee. So it’s probably not pee. ‘Nuff said.

#4 Possible Revulsion — Girls are pretty sensitive creatures and they worry that squirting will evoke a massive negative reaction in their lover.  I can’t imagine why but girls have told me they were relieved that I responded so positively.  But think of it like a guy…guys want you to love up there sperm and adore it so they get this way more than you possibly know.  I’m not saying a bad reaction isn’t possible but the guy has to know he’s being a total dick if he does react poorly.

#3 Male Ego Inflation — A girl who squirts is likely to inflate the guy’s ego to unforeseen heights and think he


Her answer is “yes”, apparently.

is a sex god.  Granted, I have made many girls squirt and have a huge ego, I’m extremely confident and I think of myself as a sex god. But then again, I’ve had more than one girl actually use those words…and I don’t think of squirting as the end all and be all of sex.  I love squirting because drinking it makes me cum so that’s my motivation. But some dude who does it for the first time is likely to think he’s amazing to the extreme (instead of ‘competent’ which would be much more accurate.)  He may just have been lucky too.  So yeah, you’re on male ego maintenance duty once again. Go easy on him but let him know that it happens.  (Or if it’s your first time…god help you.)

#2a Performance Anxiety I  — Not being able to squirt.  Maybe you’ve only squirted a handful of times or not at all…but you want to until he puts on his game face of ‘it’s my mission to make you squirt’ and puts you in such a relaxed state with all the diagrams, sex toys, lube and his most serious face. You know the face: he’s got his tongue poking out a little from the side of his mouth like he does when he plays Call of Duty.  Except now, female ejaculation is the mission and if he fails to earn the shejaculation medal, his ego suffers. Fuck, what happened to having a good time???

#2b  Performance Anxiety II  — You can squirt but now you’re supposed to do it on cue to please him? WTF?  What happened to orgasms being about putting me in the right mindset so I’m relaxed and ready? Squirting used to be about me — not you. I’m not a performing monkey and neither is my sweet, bare pussy.

#1 Ruining the Mattress –– Yup, the #1 fear of squirters everywhere is ruining the mattress.   Female ejaculators everywhere always gush and then you can see it in their face: fuck, did I just lesbians-on-wet-bedruin the mattress?  Now, of course, this is never the case during hotel sex (where your entire reason for being it to disrespect the room).  But when you are on her bed — she’s definitely thinking about it.  Guys, you have to imagine what it’s like bleeding every month —wrecking the mattress with stains, smells and moistness is  built into most girls.  It’s like they spend their entire lives learning how to keep a mattress free of vaginal fluids and then BAM they just when all thermonuclear on it!  But fear not. To quote an ex, “It is a magical fluid that just disappears!” I’ve seen this many times too…vajaculate is made of magic and rainbows and will literally disappear without a trace.  I can’t explain it better than that but a totally soaked bed will do worse from pure water spilled on it than a gallon of lady-jizz. If you squirt clear liquid…consider it gone. Even if there’s enough of it to be way to cold to sleep on…it just disappears (even from black or dark sheets!)  In fact, I am personally guaranteeing you that I will not buy you a new mattress if your female ejaculation ruins it!  So squirt with abandon: your mattress is safe.


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