What if 1 in 5 Men Were Attacked by Bears?

This video makes a great point…what if 1 in 5 men were attacked by bears? Would that be acceptable?

It is very similar to John Oliver pointing out that if you gave somebody a 2 dozen donuts and one of those donuts had been sexually assaulted, you’d be pretty upset. And those are just fucking donuts.  But that is the estimated rate of male prisoners who have been sexually assaulted.  Worse, of those prisoners brave enough to come forward and report the assault…just 9% of those resulted in a conviction.  That’s less than 1 in 10 of the reported prison rapes resulting in a conviction.

It is our duty to do something about prison rape — and all other forms of sexual assault.  If a bear was attacking 1 in 5 women — you bet your ass we’d be out shooting some fucking bears.


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