Why Separate Toilets Are Stupid

girl-peeing-urinalHow long have gender specific toilets been around? Nowhere near as long as you’d think! Ever wonder where the concept of separate toilets came from? It defies logic that males need a different place to poo than females; it is highly inefficient to build 2 identical facilities everywhere just because about half the population has a dangly bit and the other half don’t.   Worse…this practice specifically alienates transgender people. And really, why are we stopping people that need to pee from peeing based solely on their anatomy and gender?  The bottom line is: a toilet works for everyone.

First, as a man, I have seen massive lineups for the women’s washroom while the guy’s bathroom is basically empty.  That’s dumb.  Also, women, the secret is urinals. Get yourself some ‘pee only’ stations and make sure no one is getting distracted on their phones while peeing.  I’ve
seen girls pee and it’s almost as fast as guys and it’ll nuke that lineup.

Ok, but the real issue is bathrooms that serve only one person at a time.  Then completely and totally fuck gender. The toilet don’t care and neither should you.  It’s a fucking bathroom. Don’t label it with meaningless gender crap at all.  I’ve seen signs on 1 person bathrooms saying, “All gender” or “Unisex” which is oddly redundant because is there anyone without some gender identity?? We could also label it, “Bathroom for humans only” or “You may only use this room if you need to go.” Perhaps, “You must be alive and conscious to use this room.” There’s just no point. Call it a bathroom or a toilet and everyone gets it without specifically making it about gender because guess what? It’s not about gender. It’s about full bladders.

I overheard some guys ‘complaining’ that there’s an “all gender” bathroom as it’s taking toilets away
from men and women — which amazes me because apparently these guys were too dumb to realize they have a gender.  So the ‘all gender’ label is not only redundant but unfairly discriminates against the dumb. B-)   There simply is no issue at all when you call it a bathroom — actually…since there is no bath in most of them and that’s not what you want anyway…it should be labelled ‘Toilet’ and be done with it.  Oh, and small businesses need not worry about having separate toilets for each gender as that added expense is often built into the building codes.

So where did this imaginary distinction for single person toilets come from?

The first law for gender specific toilets was passed in 1887 in Massachusetts with similar laws being passed rapidly after that across North America.  So it is literally Victorian prudishness.  And except for the past 128 years, we’ve done fine without gender specific toilets. Not shocking at all because there are totally fucking useless. This is a totally new concept — but we don’t recognize it because it’s been around for everyone’s living memory. Just barely.

I lived in Saudi Arabia for a year and I was always shocked and offended by the separate spaces designated for men and women — based on the belief that men would sexually assault women if left alone with them.  Well, sexual assaults in the country did occur when men found themselves left alone with women :/  But the cause was probably the separate spaces in the first place…at least psychologically.   The way the problem of sexual assaults should be solved is through proper training and interaction between the sexes.   I have also been to many a rave where the bathrooms were all gender — and these were not single person stalls but facillities with urinals and stalls.  I’ve seen desperate girls pee in urinals because they couldn’t wait for a stall — which makes me wonder why urinals that function for women don’t exist to speed up the lines.  But my main point is, everyone quickly got over the fact that girls and boys both need to pee and could do so in the same space. Better, it broke down barrier between the sexes and was oddly freeing and nice.

There’s a scene in Starship Troopers where male and female soldier shower together…and why not? There are a lot of gay and bisexual men out there and they can shower near me without getting hard and trying to hump me

(granted, it does take considerable restraint for them 😉  )  and that’s fine.  And lesbians shower with girls all the time. So if it is about sexuality…the whole showering separation doesn’t hold any water either.   But let’s take this one step at a time.

So to summarize: if there is one toilet, it is MADNESS to designate a gender or appropriate set of genitals that go with said toilet.  All single toilets should be labeled as such without any meaningless reference to gender at all.  In group bathrooms, allowing humans to pee together promotes unity of the species -and there really isn’t that much different  between boys and girls…just for the record. The Victorian prudishness has damaged our concept of what it is to be human for long enough and it’s time to take back the bathrooms for the people!

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