Be Naughty this Christmas!

sexy-female-christmas-cookieScrew being nice –and the nice girls. Be naughty this Christmas! Start with a sexy treat.
Christmas cookies are awesome. Who doesn’t enjoy putting a hot, sweet cookie in their mouth? And Christmas is no exception. Christmas cookies are one of my most favorite things about the holidays — especially ones that are prepared to perfection with sprinkles that make it a wonderful treat for Christmas morning.
Of course, many of my readers where naughty, and not just to save Santa a trip. They were naughty because deep down in their souls they are kinky. Everything they do is driven by their deep, dark obsessions and lusts. Yes, for them, being good so that Santa will bring them sex toys is not nearly as powerful a driver as being kinky as fuck and getting their lovers to deliver all the sex toys (and sex) that they desire this Christmas morning.
I am on my way over to my parents house — with my slave in tow… for Christmas morning. I am not expecting too much because I was naughty this year. ┬áBut I can give as good as I get. And my little slave has a ton of sex-tastic toys heading her way as there is plenty of BDSM stocking stuffers and ‘insertables’ heading her way.
And there is going to be some sex toy reviews posted here in the next little while — so you’ll be able to see some of the things she got for Christmas!
Merry Christmas all and make sure to fuck someone you love this special day.



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