Cyber Monday Sextoy Shopping

best-vibrator-white-blueI ran into cyber Monday yesterday and lost. You see, there were all these great deals on sex toys and lube online that I just couldn’t help myself.   I sent about $180 and got about $500 worth of awesome stuff (hopefully) so we’ll see.

There are definitely some reviews that can come out of this. The culprit that took all my money was as they had some crazy good deals –like the Squeel2 on sale for $35 (I have seen it for $90 in stores) and sex lube for about $1 per ounce as just a couple representative examples.  On top of all that, they offered an additional 30% off for Cyber Monday! It was too hard to resit!

But seriously…how did I keep adding and adding to my cart? It’s like my Russian friend says, “Capitalist propaganda is the hardest to resist. You see flyers and sales and it takes every ounce of will to resist. In former Soviet Union, you know it is propaganda and it is easier to resist.”  Well, I certainly went to town on sex toys.

But you know which I am most excited to try? I bought an attachment for the Hitachi Magic Wand that has a ‘male sleeve’ attached to it so I can enjoy Ashlie’s favorite toy (at the same time as her? That sounds even better!)

So yeah, cyber Monday was bad for the bank account but excellent for the sex toy collection. B-)


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